• Isn't that what a celebrity is?

    The literal meaning of a celebrity is a celebrated person, So in order to be a celebrity, You must have people who admire you.
    But first comes the question of infamous people, The difference between celebrities and the infamous is fans versus followers. While people follow the infamous people, People admire celebrities.

  • Yes those people only feed on others

    Trump Kylie Jenner Kanye West Pew Pie and Logan Paul all need the followers without them they are nothing. I wished the media would stop telling me about them I could care less about their blunders and do not need an excuse to dislike them.
    They could fade away and I would not even care.

  • Without fans, No celebrities exist.

    To be a successful and a big artists, You need a big and strong fan base, Therefore celebrities are highly dependable on their fans. It will be a major lost if a huge number of their fans starts to leave the fan base. Less profit for them indeed. The artist with low influence in the community will have poor management unless if they are already rich themselves, But mostly the income for celebrities are due to their hard supporting fans.

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