• It does violate the first amendment

    It violates it because we have the freedom of speech and if they lock that away from us we won't learn anything and we will be as smart as a rock,we all need to know whats out there, let children learn to self censor and let them explore the books, they will learn whats good and whats bad. Im 12 years old and in 6th grade gifted. They won't let us read animal farm because they think we won't get it, i read the book and i totally understand it. Censorship is a stupid thing and we have the freedom of speech and we should have the freedom to read, I'm 12 years old, my name is Gavin and censorship is a NO!

  • Censorship is for the weak.

    The first amendment of the US Constitution clearly states that we, as citizens, have the rights to speak, publish, worship, or assemble to protest whatever we want. Why is that? Because the British Empire was, by order of King George, censored. Anything that criticized or made fun of the government was punished with death or imprisonment. This ends up coming full circle to America when the government established censorship here. I understand certain military things, such as plans, intel, and the like, but civilian news should not be censored. Rules of companies and schools should not deny us of this right, and neither should our governments.

  • What are you afraid of?

    In my opinion, censorship not only violates the first amendment, it makes the position of the person trying to censor others look weak. If you're so sure that you are right and the other person is wrong, then let them speak. Either they'll damn themselves with their own words, or you can tear their arguments apart. What's the worst that can happen? Your mind gets changed? The only people who want certain information or opinions banned from being spoken about are tyrants or cowards.

  • Censorship does violate the first amendment

    I believe that censorship does violate the first amendment. Although it does, I do believe it is necessary. Without censorship, our children would be exposed to a lot of things that they should not be seeing. Censorship is only necessary for inappropriate things. It still is a violation to the first amendment, and it should not be used overly.

  • Censorship violates the first amendment.

    Censorship violates the first amendment because it can prevent a person from saying what they want to say. Although the language they use might be vulgar it is not right to alter what they are trying to say. If a person uses foul language while they are talking and it is bleeped out then the audience might not understand what was trying to be said. The first amendment states that you will have freedom of speech, but when words are bleeped out it is preventing you from getting your point across. Therefore, violating the first amendment.

  • Yes, censorship does violate the first amendment.

    I think that censorship violates the first amendment because we all have the right to get our point across without any of the words being cut out. If all the citizens of the United States really do have "freedom of speech" then we have the right to say what is on our mind. The words that are being cut out of our messages could be very important to what we are trying to say.

  • This is tough but yes.

    Censorship is tough because by technicality it does violate the first amendment. The reason why this is tricky is because censorship is needed to protect young children. However I believe censorship is not needed. When you go on the radio and a cuss word is bleeped out you already know what the cuss word is so whats the point. Same with a movie. So why is censorship necessary. But that is just my opinion.

  • Yes, I think that censorship violates the first amendment.

    I think that censorship is violating the first amendment because we should have the right to hear what other say. We, as citizens of the United States have the right to see and hear what others have to say. You can't take away ones opinion because that is violating the first amendment, therefore we as citizens do not have freedom . There is a point where things should be censored out and there is also a point to what people should say and show. But we have our own opinion on what we want to say. Everyone should always be able to voice their opinion and say what they believe in.

  • Censorship violating the First Amendment

    Yes,it does violate the First Amendment because some things you just already know as kids. I grew up with an older sister who cussed sometimes so I already knew some cuss words. Cussing and sexual scenes in movies are almost all they are so why censor it when we know what they said or did. So why sensor things when we know what' going on?

  • Censorship Violating First Amendment

    I understand that some things need to be censored. Although there is another way for people to block things that need to be censored, with child locks on the computer and channel locks on the T.V. It violates the first amendment because some people have the right to know what is happening around the world, to stay up to date with the news and such.

  • Its Simply Education

    I'm in schools and this is being discussed in my class. Censorship may make you feel repressed, but its simply for our protection so that it doesn't affect how we think. If you just think that it violates the first amendment and our rights as citizens, then you may not be paying attention to the overall purpose.

  • It Is NOT a violation of the first amendment

    Many consider censorship in the United States as an elixir of safety to the public. Some consider censorship to play a major role in maintaining social standards. On the other hand, many others consider censorship as imposing unreasonable restriction on the freedom of expression. Therefore the topic of whether or not censorship affects the first amendment has been subject to much debate
    Also, because it protects the morals of society and the innocence of children as well as cover up events that may cause violence.

  • No it does not

    Censorship does not violate the 1st amendment. If you post something online than you should be held accountable for it. Now yes i get that the 1st amendment is supposed to be freedom of speech but, you can't just say whatever you want because if someone is being cyber bullied than it technically counts as harassment which is illegal. If you were allowed to say anything you want then you could threaten people which is technically another crime. If censorship did not exist or it was removed than there would be an overwhelming amount of inappropriate content floating around. I mean hear me out if censorship or some sort of restrictions did not exist what do you think would happen? Pornagraphy on children's website, tv shows with nothing but uncensored foul language. Censorship is here for a reason, it's not just there to annoy people, it is there to prevent certain audiences from seeing certain content. It is also there to prevent children from seeing things that they do not have to, thats what parental lock and censors are for, it's there for the good of the people. Hope more people see why censorship is good and not just some dead weight trying to break the 1st amendment.

  • Censorship is not a violation of the First Amendment

    Though the First Amendment does give the freedom of speech to all U.S. citizens, many people don't think about the way their words will be taken. Many times, people use very foul language towards other people and their religion/practices, which is actually discouraged in the First Amendment. People should especially be able to have the right to censor others' language if it will negatively impact their businesses. A prime example of this is when reality tv shows bleep out words somebody says. Chances are, if adults hear foul language on the tv, they'll stop watching the channel and discourage others from watching it as well. For this reason, businesses like these should be able to censor others' language because they don't know what people are going to say, and can't stop people from saying what they want. But they can stop the American public, or viewers of their show, from hearing this language, which has the potential to be very detrimental to their business. So all in all, censorship isn't violating the first amendment, as it isn't stopping people from saying what they want to say. It is simply a method of keeping this negative language out of the ears of other citizens.

  • Some things are not meant to be heard.

    While we do have the freedom of speech in America, there are some things that don't need to be said. If you are saying bad things that most people don't NEED to know then it is okay. If censorship is being used to protect people then it is not against the first amendment.

  • Censorship Doesn't Violate The First Amendment

    Some things need to be censored. Not everybody needs to know or hear about bad things that are going on. Other things that happen, like in the government, doesn't require everyone to hear about it. Yes freedom of speech is a big deal but sometimes people make mistakes and censoring those mistakes can protect them. If what is said is negative though and affects someone , then censoring is necessary.

  • Sometimes, censorship is necessary.

    In our society there are people who use the first amendment as an excuse to degrade woman (or men), use unnecessary profanity, or speak openly about very adult topics. On the radio we hear rappers speaking shamelessly about females' bodies. On television we see shows where every other word out of a person's mouth is profane and/or offensive. There are violent scenes in shows and movies everywhere, and what some people fail to understand is that there are children who are young, naive, impressionable, and innocent, some of which are watching these shows, seeing these movies, and listening to these artists. Sometimes, speaking inappropriately is necessary to get your point across, but until we can all learn to speak with purpose, censorship is absolutely required in our media.

  • Censorship isn’t a Violation

    Censorship is part of what makes America so great. We don't allow people slamming other cultures, beliefs, or ideas. In America we want(or at least pretend like we want) to hear and see every person feel comfortable enough to express themselves. We don't want or need headstrong groups that single out certain groups of people who they think aren't their equals. We want people to be free to wear a turban, veil, or dress like men or women when they aren't. We need censorship to protect these people so that they can be free. That's what America is supposed to be about anyway, freedom.

  • No, censorship does not violate the first amendment.

    Censorship does not violate the first amendment because there is certain information that does not need to be made available to the general public. This information includes things like our military strategies, law enforcement investigations, terrorist investigations and many more. Making all information freely available would make it much easier on the criminals to escape.

  • It could but not typically

    The first amendment does give the freedom of speech, but you lose that right if it is negatively impacting somone else. In most cases of censorship the censorship does not violate the first amendment because it is used to protect others. There are some cases censorship goes too far though.

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