• Progress can be change

    Change can be progress, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Take the Columbus Day for example. Most people view that as a day to celebrate, the day the development of America began. But when Columbus moved in, he took homes from the Native Americans and awful things to them. That was a big change, and not nessesarily a good one. I guess it all depends on the person’s perspective.

  • Change means progress:

    This world is always changing and progressing. I strongly believe that change is progress. For instance after Texas won independence from Mexico, Houston became president. He wanted peace with Natives, and he supported annexation. Texas's 2nd pres. Lamar was quite the opposite. Even though he strongly opposed Houston's policies, he did partially help Texas get noticed as its own nation by European nations. Then Anson Jones helped annexation with US when he became president of Texas.

  • Change Isn't always progress

    Change does not always equal progress. Sometimes it is best to continue with the same philosophies and just adjust a few small things if necessary. Many times change can harm the way things are and cause great harm to a person or society. Sometimes change is needed, but it has to be carefully studied.

  • Change doesn't mean progress

    Change doesn't mean progress because when you change something, you do not always gain progress. When you change something to get to a set goal, that doesn't mean that you will get to it. If change were the same as progress, you could change your method and it would work. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. To gain progress, you have to do more than change your method.

  • Things can change for the better or the worse.

    The world is a quickly changing place. This rapid change in the world is not always in the right direction. Sometimes certain changes seem like good ideas until time passes and we realize that it was a mistake. In a America they passed the patriot act after terrorist attacks on the world trade towers. The people at the time thought that it was progress. Years later people realized that they gave up some of their own personal freedoms with the signing of the patriot act and that progress wasn't being made, but that they had actually taken a step backwards from freedom.

  • No it does not.

    I think that is a silly statement. There is change all of the time. Throughout history there has been change. Would you call Hitler's change or the Soviet Union's kind of change progress. That would be a mistake to call change such as that progress. Even Obama in his slogans are wrong for saying things like that.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe change always equals progress. Change is simply that, something different. Progress is great but sometimes it's not necessary if simply taking a side step fixes a problem. Not all change is about moving forward and there's nothing inherently wrong with old policies if they still perform and function to the countries benefit.

  • Change can be negative.

    No, change can be negative, rather than equal progress. A person who progress into substance abuse and an addiction has changed in a negative way. A road that deteriorates and becomes full of pot holes has changed in a negative way. A ruthless government that takes over has changed a country for the worse. There are lots of examples.

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