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  • No, I don't think Channing Tatum makes a hotter Beyonce than Beyonce.

    Channing Tatum is handsome, talented and funny, but Beyonce is Beyonce. He can make a funnier Beyonce than Beyonce but those curves, legs, booty and movements are unique. Channing Tatum can make one Heck of a Beyonce parody, he can make you laugh and he can even pull out a couple of dance moves. But he is not ready to beat that jelly.

  • Nobody is a Better Beyonce than Beyonce

    While having Channing Tatum dress as Beyonce may be attractive to some, there is only one Beyonce. There are multiple reasons that Beyonce is an A-list celebrity, as she is attractive, personable, and highly talented. Channing Tatum is considered attractive, but his personality and talent are somewhat questionable. Beyonce is unique in her field, and Channing Tatum cannot hold a candle to her.

  • Cannot compare the two

    I dont think you can compare Channing Tatum and Beyonce. They are both completely different people and a man could not pull of being a hotter woman. It was funny to see him act like Beyonce but in no way was it hotter than her. Also Beyonce has established herself and it will be hard for anyone to be a "hotter" Beyonce

  • Channing Tatum does not make a hotter Beyone.

    Channing Tatum does not make a hotter Beyonce because Beyonce is Beyonce. His costume could be offensive to some who consider it blackface and derogatory to Blacks. Asking if a white man dressed as a Black woman is able to outdo her is rude and ignorant. The answer is and will always be no.

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