• Child labor helps third world countries.

    Obviously, a larger labor force is good for the development of a country. Child labor is bad for the children involved, but it is good for the country they reside in. Children are willing to work for lower wages and they are more docile than adults who could organize and strike.

  • What on earth

    Would you like it if you were a child slave, I wouldn't. It doesn't help the people in the country and people make up a country so How does it help the country. It is like animal cruelty but it is child cruelty instead(child abuse). Once again how is this good, it gives the county a bad reputation. Thank you for talking the time to read this comment

  • Is it really a question

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  • No Benefit to Child Labor

    Child labor does not benefit the child or the child's parents. It does, however, often benefit the country's national economy. Many third-world countries are poor because they have dictators that abuse the country's natural and human resources. These dictators will continue to abuse human resources by allowing or requiring child labor until the UN puts a stop to it.

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