• Children's programming does have a liberal bias.

    Children's programming does have a liberal bias. Children's programming seems to be filled with liberal agenda propaganda. Everything from illegal immigration, to gay rights are promoted in children's programming. Many TV shows which are marketed to children teach the liberal ideas of accepting people of all races and sexual orientations.

  • Childhood has a liberal bias.

    Childhood is riddled with 'liberal bias.' That is because our society wants to teach our children to be compassionate with our children and treat them all fairly. The idea is that they are all equal as children. If we treat them all equally, this is a liberal idea. Children's programming teaches about sharing. Sharing is a liberal idea. Children's programming also teaches about tolerance and equality, again, a liberal idea. I'm not sure what conservatives would want to teach children.

  • Yes, I think children's programming has a liberal bias.

    I believe it is probably unintentional but I do believe that a majority of children's programming does have a liberal bias, themes such as sharing and everyone is equal are common topics on these shows and those ideals have roots in the liberal ideology, I believe children's shows in general are overall more liberal then conservative.

  • Yes, but I don't think it's a bad thing.

    I think children's programming has a liberal bias but I also do not see this as a bad thing. It wasn't all that long ago when children's programs introduced different races. Children's programs have introduced single parent families, step-parents, alcohol abuse and sexual abuse. They will soon, if they haven't already, introduce gay people. Although considered liberal, I think our children need to be aware of the real world.

  • Childhood has a right-wing bias.

    Children nowadays are stalked by nut jobs waiting to shove their ideology down children's throats, and one of the ways in which they do so is through tv media. Outdated concepts like responsibility, telling the truth, loyalty to one's friends, saying "no" to strangers who want to take them out for casual sex and respect for the property of others are hidden in many children's programs today. Thankfully, us progressives are turning the tide by rewriting these reactionary memes with our ethos of mandatory sharing and subjective truth.

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