Does China deserve credit for Sinosphere cultural development?

  • China blows the mind.

    China's history, language, literary tradition, engineering prowess, hard-working people, world class architecture, cuisine, customs, geography, economy, blah, blah--need I go on?--impress on their face. You may not like their governance. But the many achievements of China, and they go back 5000 years, are notable. I would put The Sinosphere up against the best of the west!

  • Sure why not?

    China has come a long way in terms of development. I say sure, let's give them some credit for developing culture. They've built up their cities and contributed a lot to science. They still have a long way to go, but don't we all? Let's give them some credit here!

  • Yes, they do.

    China is a country that really is not without controversy. In some ways they really are the center of it. With that being said, I think that they indeed do deserve credit for the cultural development of this group. China has worked hard in this area and should be recognized.

  • Yes, a country as large and influential as China will inevitably have a cultural effect on its neighbors.

    Although there are undoubtedly other additional influences on cultural development in such areas as Tibet and Sichuan, China's rapid growth and wide-ranging political influence all but guarantees that the areas in its vicinity will be shaped by its own culture. It should also be noted that cultural development can be attributed to China even in a negative fashion - Tibet has had many clashes and violent altercations with the Chinese government, which has no doubt shaped their culture. Even though China has not been a positive force in all cases, even its negative influences will have a cultural effect.

  • Yes China does deserve credit, they have been a big influence in the world for a while now.

    I believe China does deserve credit for the Sinosphere cultural development. China has been a big influence in the world for a while now. They are one of the largest and most powerful countries and influence everyone around them. They are very successful and other countries follow them because they are able to see the success that China has had, and wants to copy it and get their own success.

  • China does not deserve to represent the whole region

    China actually does not deserve to represent the whole region. China also not a real unified country. Throughout its history, China has use violence to conquer other smaller countries, their claims on cultural values of sinosphere hence is not valid as these development is equally contributed by all countries in the region.

  • They do not

    I really fail to see any kind of good evidence that would lead me to think or suggest that China is in any way to be commended or praised for the cultural development of the above mentioned group. I think this cultural development happened without the Chinese doing anything to start it.

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