Does China Deserve To Be Allies with The United States of America?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • Of course we should.

    It is ridiculous to entertain the thought of not being allies with the world's up and coming superpower. China, as it stands now, is truthfully a mystery in all regards on its position on controversial subjects like Crimea, Syria, Iran, and other key international discussions. Also, with North Korea being a constant threat to the Stability of Southeastern Asia. Any military response to a threat from Pyongyang will have considerable effect to the Chinese population just across the border. However, we should also consider the threat the Chinese military expansion and aggression all across Asia and the South China Sea. This is why the United States has been building up its military presence in the Asia-Pacific. Concerning the cyber and market attacks made against us by China and Russia, we have done the same to them in many ways. Our entire process of putting companies like McDonalds and others into China was an attempt to westernize the East and thus bring down the "Communist" government.

  • China is not below us anymore

    There was a time when we could look down at China and boss them around, along with most countries...That time has passed. They now own a significant portion of U.S. debt, they build everything, and they are equipped with nuclear power. It's not a matter of "deserve" at this point.

    It is essential that we maintain strong ties with China, because our history with them is quite strained, as it is with Russia, and we all know like minds attract. A China-Russia alliance would be a disastrous thing to the U.S. It would mean they could be toppled, either militarily, or economically.

  • Yes.Their position in the world is a very important one. And we are in no way "under attack" by the Chinese.

    On the global scheme of things China is in a very important position. They are our connection to the North Koreans, if anything were to happen there the Chinese are a very viable option to open negotiations. Also the trillions of dollars that America is in debt we brought on ourselves, how? With the FED, they can print as much money as they need! Making the US dollar even more worthless! Next the Middle East is not our worst enemy, we are blinded by ignorant hate because of extremist attacks, if China decides to sides with them, why should China be treated like them? And for cyber attacks? Anyone who is a global power who doesn't spy on each other is no global power at all, and sometimes those who spy sometimes get caught. Like China did this time, and so did the US a while back. China should and already is a US ally!

  • No. They give us absolutely no support! And we are currently under attack by the Chinese!

    When the US moves to help a country to defend it's self. The Chinese threaten us! When Russia invades a country for pure selfish gain, The Chinese supports them with billions of dollars! $400 Billion to be exact! China sides constantly with North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Iran, our worse enemies. So we should treat them the same. The US recently filed charges against the Chinese military for serious cyber attacks and stealing data. And the Chinese are exploiting our U.S. Treasury Securities, putting every american in serious debt, by the Trillions! And sadly, the US gives China up to four times more money in Trade than what they give us. So I will have to say, this alliance is not in America's best interest! And for these unfaithful actions, China dose not deserve to be our Allies!

  • No America does not need Allies with our Friend in CHINA

    Americans hate SERBS. Why do we want them to ally our FRIEND CHINA to fight us? They cannot fight us one on one they are too scared. China and all of Asia is friend to Serbia + Russia We love you. Stay away from Asia and Eastern Europe America stop sticking your slimy fingers into all affairs.

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