• Yes they should

    Well I can not think of any reason why I should say they do not have any credibility. They are a very old nation and very advanced that I'm sure they have at least some credibility, however different their points of view may be.So I would have to say yes they do.

  • China's journalism is questionable.

    Chine does not have journalistic credibility the way Americans would perceive it. There is way too much of a government stranglehold over the media for China to have Western-style journalism. We consider this credibility to be based upon free speech, verifiable resources, and balanced reporting. China isn't known to the West for any of these things.

  • Repressive, Censoring Society

    Since the Communist Revolution in 1949 and the ascension of Mao, the Chinese government has consistently censored any news that would put the government in a bad light. In recent years, some of Mao's extremes have been lessened, which means that Chinese citizens have a little more freedom than they did in the past, yet the press is still not free of censorship. Therefore, the press cannot be trusted and is not credible.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe China has journalistic credibility. It is a well known fact that China censors its media and for that reason it does not have any credibility. It is unlikely that this will be changed any time soon as there is little effort to change this problem within the government.

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