• Let China Ban Who They Want To

    China should ban whatever they please from US culture. This is because not everyone is interested in American pop culture. A lot of TV shows might go against Chinese values, and American attitudes could infltrate their society in undesired ways. While there are great American TV shows, like the ones on PBS, a lot of TV is bunk.

  • Yes, Its there country and they have tthe right to band whatever they want.

    Yes, Its there country and they have the right to band whatever they want. I think China can ban shows if they truly want to. I think they make the rules for there own country and can change them all they want. I don't think its right but i think they have the right to do it if they please.

  • China banning US TV

    Yes I do think that China has the right to ban US TV shows. If China the country does not want to watch US television shows than their choice. If we want to ban Chinese television shows we can if we want to. If Chinese people want to watch American shows than they should do it on the Internet.

  • No, they shouldn't possess such a right

    While many may argue that suppressing the ability of the Chinese government to block shows from the United States of America infringes on their freedom of choice (since it is their own country, anyway), we need to understand the bigger picture. Now, if the Chinese government blocks certain elements of media, which they are already doing now, by the way, the Chinese public will have their freedom of choice violated since they cannot choose what to watch due to their lack of control over some government policies. Hence, we need to understand whether it is a better option to do good for the few and ignore the rest or do good for the majority and only ignore the minority. I would prefer the latter, and I hope you will see why. :)

  • No. People should have freedom to watch what they want.

    China should not have the right to ban any TV shows, including those from the United States. It is up to the people to decide what they watch or do not watch, and it is not the government's job to decide for them. Censorship of this kind causes citizens to be uninformed about the cultures of other countries.

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