Does China have the right to block Instagram during the Hong Kong protests?

  • I guess so

    Does China really have instagram blocked? Is that really the main issue we should be focused on here? Maybe the don't want people to riot, which is cool I guess, but seriously. There are so many other issues that are way more important to discuss about China's strict government policies.

  • The Web Was Created to Be Open and Free

    While China may legally have the right to block Instagram, morally it is very wrong.

    The World Wide Web was created to allow free and open transfer of information across the globe. When countries such as China start choosing to block parts of the Web, we are all affected.

    It is clear to me that China's blocking of instagram is nothing less than population control. It is ugly and repellent.

  • They Shouldn't Have The Right

    Well, given that China is the governing entity over Hong Kong in all technical terms they absolutely have the the right to black Instagram. However, that doesn't mean they should and I think that is the real question that is being asked. It's certainly a human rights issue that China needs to reconsider.

  • No, China doesn't have the right to block Instagram during the Hong Kong protests.

    I don't think the Chinese government should be allowed to block anything. I don't agree with the way they run their country. The fact that they are blocking a social media outlet during a protest is yet another way to skew information in their favor and keep people's opinions at bay.

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