• Could Have More

    As an American I know more about American football than that which we call soccer. I believe China probably could support more teams and they could certainly produce more soccer stars if the population has the opportunity to expose children at a young age. This has a lot to do with the younger populations ability to grow up with the support.

  • Yes, they do.

    China needs a lot more soccer stars if they every hope to win a World Cup. Spain and Brazil are much to powerful at this time. China needs to develop some more stars in order to compete with these power countries. Right now China is not even in the top 10.

  • It would be good for relations with other countries.

    Yes, China needs more soccer stars, because it would help them have good relationships with other countries. China could send teams to the World Cup and to other events, and that would build their relationships with nations from Africa and South America. They could even establish new trade through the sport of soccer.

  • Penalties Are Not Goals

    The Beijing Olympics in 2008 showed the world a disturbingly large cloud of smog hovering over not only Beijing, but also other areas of China in large cities like Hong Kong. Reports and leaked videos in the last 18 months have shown such terrible working conditions in China from even American companies like Wal-Mart that suicide nets were installed to ‘catch’ workers at the end of their ropes so much that suicide rates on the job were elevating (people were being given tiny quarters with one hall of several rooms each room with several people sharing one bathroom in a single hallway and being fed minimal food only twice a day) and rather than upping income and making better living conditions, the companies simply installed nets to catch workers and put them right back into their factories. China’s issues with toxins in processed human toys, foods for humans and animals, and even car parts have had over a 10 year history of devastation. Where in any of these issues listed would an increase in soccer athletes or soccer celebrities create a positive and meaningful solution? Nowhere; soccer is not what China needs. Significant environmental and human rights changes are.

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