• Absolutely, but it's a two way process

    No doubt China steals intelligence from the US, I assume they steal it from other major international powers as well such as the UK and Russia. I think all of these countries steal intelligence from one another, so countries cannot complain about others doing it. The US and UK were caught tapping phones of German officials. And the a couple of years ago the US launched a scathing attack on China for hacks only for it to be revealed that they had hacked China themselves.

  • China's intelligence stolen from the US

    Experts say the Chinese regime may be building a massive database on Americans, using data stolen through cyber attacks. With software currently used to track the Chinese people, the Chinese could create the perfect roadmap to recruiting more American spies.

    In May of 2015, six people, including three Chinese professors, were charged in U.S. federal court for stealing trade secrets from two U.S. companies, Avago Technologies and Skyworks Solutions, and delivering the information to Tianjin University (a state-controlled university). Having taken source code, design layout, and other confidential documents, the defendants have been charged with conspiracy to commit economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.

    The Chinese also infiltrate from the other end, recruiting Americans or other international students studying in China, like in the case of Glenn Duffie Shriver. While studying in Shanghai in 2004, Shriver was approached by a woman affiliated with Chinese state intelligence. After they forged a relationship in the next few months, he eventually accepted some $70,000 to attempt to join the State Department and the CIA. When his attempt at spying came to light, Shriver was sentenced to four years in prison.

    Smartphones and other technology from China may come with pre-installed spyware programs that send users’ personal information back to China. The Generic Star N9500, a cheap smartphone manufactured in China, came with a spyware program which would steal all forms of data, from personal information to emails, from the phone and send it back to a server in China. Sold on Amazon and eBay for around $160, it contained spyware disguised as a Google Play service running in the background. In other cases, a Redmi Note smartphone from the phone company Xiaomi and two models of the Sony Xperia smartphone were also found relaying data to Chinese servers.

  • Yes, China uses some of the same intelligence at the United States.

    China, like any country equipped with military, intelligence, and security networks, can have access to the same intelligence that the U.S. relies on. China's economic growth further positions itself as a world player, with significant access to intelligence resources through the internet. There is no reason to believe that all U.S. intelligence is 100% secure; in fact, the U.S. likely steals intelligence from other nations as well.

  • Yes, It is possible that China steals intelligence from the U.S.

    Yes, It is highly likely that China steals intelligence from the U.S. I believe this is true because many advanced economies gather intelligence from other countries. I think that this makes it easy to believe that China does the same. With recent advances in technology, China has many resources to steal intelligence from the U.S. Recently, hacking and other forms of cyber espionage have become popular ways to steal intelligence.

  • China probably steals a lot from the US

    I would say that its extremely it's extremely likely that China is stealing some intelligence from the United States. Even if it's not state-sanctioned (which it very well may be), there are many Chinese hacktivists that would love to get their hands on our data. It's of utmost importance that we protect our data to the best of our ability to avoid this as much as possible.

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