Does China's population tend not to get factored into public discussions about its economy or greenhouse emissions

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Discussions typically focus on GDP rather than per capita GDP and greenhouse emissions rather than per capita greenhouse emissions

    Often you'll see commenters or articles pointing at China's GDP or it being the world's second-largest economy and the article will make it sound like the Chinese are rich. No, the Chinese are poor. If you look at per capita GDP (GDP per person) China ranks fairly low among nations as far as how wealthy the average individual is, 84th, 79th, or 88th according to certain sources.


    A lot is often made of China's greenhouse gas emissions. China should curb emissions. So should every country, but China is only the number one polluter if you ignore population. China ranks just below Poland at 7.8 tons per person in 2014. The US was 16.5 tons per person.


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