• It seems obvious

    Of course he does, not just due to the infamous beating of Rhianna. He seems to get angry rather easily, especially when his past infractions are mentioned. Someone without anger issues would be able to admit they made a mistake and try to make amends, but he just continues getting angry whenever it is mentioned.

  • Clearly

    If you didn't think he has anger management issues after the Rihanna incidences, you have to be blind. Recent news has him being arrested by the LA police for possibly assaulting Frank Ocean. Many might forget, but he apparently trashed a Today Show green room after he was questioned about the domestic violence case.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Yes

    Yes I would think that Chris Brown has anger issues based on the incident with Rihanna after the awards show several years ago. For some one to physically abuse someone else they have to have issues controlling their temper. I have not heard of other incidents with Chris Brown and his temper, but one such as this would be enough to conclude that.

  • As proven by his actions in the past, Chris Brown may have anger issues

    Judging by how he treated his wife, and his tendency to use violent means to solve problems, I can easily guess, without being a medical professional, that Chris Brown does indeed have an anger problem. He didn't seem to show much regret about having been abusive to his wife, which paints his character badly.

  • Um, Yes! Of Course He Does

    Chris Brown has not only problems controlling his anger but it's also pretty clear that he has no respect towards women. I really don't understand why Rihanna went back to him. She's putting herself in danger and I really hope she sees the light before it's too late. He is extremely dangerous.

  • Yes

    Chris is always breaking and destroying things and if he's not doing that he's getting into fights or assaulting people. E.g. Rihanna, Drake, the paps, and recently Frank Ocean...that's just off the top of my head. Rihanna's tripping if she thinks Chris has changed. She's just setting herself up for disaster and the entire world is ready to say "told you so."

  • No he doesn't

    He is back on his feet but he may have anger issues but we don't know for sure stop just saying stuff cause u see it just cause u see it online don't mean he really has anger issuesπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜ just stop assuming stuff cause the stuff is never true just stop

  • No. I don't believe so.

    Chris Brown doesn't have anger issues. Everyone else has a problem. That's why Chris Brown is always in trouble. Everyone else keeps provoking him to act out of character.

    He is such a cool, calm and collected dude. Just look at his non-threatening neck tattoos. That empty, cow-like, glazed look on his face. The twitchy, cocaine induced nervousness.

    You think a dude like that has anger issues? Pffffft. Who submitted this question?

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