• The Bible Was Written for Certain Audiences

    Jesus never spoke about it and the contexts where it is used in the Bible were due to historical reasons. Paul's letter to the Corinthians condemns homosexuality because he was writing a letter to the sex-trafficking capital of the world. The type of homosexuality he was concerned with was pederasty, where an older man took on a young boy for sexual pleasure. In the Pentateuch, we're told not to eat ham and shell-fish and that we bury our kids up to their necks and stone them to death when they're bad, so I think we can look at the historical nature there. I think Jesus, with what we know about today's psychology and science, would totally be cool with gays who love and care for each other. He was, and STILL is more concerned with the downtrodden and persecuted, NOT who people are having sex with what women do with their bodies.

  • Generally, not so.

    While Christians claim to be open-minded, loving, and nonjudgement (and in some cases they completely are), Christians do not accept same-sex behavior and relationships as a norm. Although most religions as a whole claim that they are not prejudiced and do not discriminate, the people that are raised up in religious households tend to hold more conservatively strict perspectives from a religious standpoint. A belief is a belief and I am not trying to insist that Christians are bad in any way, just that conventionally, their Bible has been interpreted to preach against homosexual relationships, actions, etc.

  • Same sex behavior is not supported in Christianity.

    Christianity does not accept same sex behavior which is one of the many reasons why I do not agree with Christianity. Those who say god does approve of same sex behavior have not read the bible and every church that I have been to says marriage is made for a man and a woman.

  • Chrisitanity Puritantical Toward All Sex

    Does Christianity Accept Same-Sex Behavior? Some Christian denominations and churches are more accepting of same-sex behavior and other denominations. The Episcopalians seem more tolerant than some other groups, having ordained gay bishops. However Christianity as a whole is not even really comfortable with heterosexual activity, so it is not surprising to me that its puritanical attitude extends to the gay, bi, transsexual community as well.

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