Does Christianity Needs To Return To It's Roots and Prune Off All The Stupid Branches/Sects/Cults?

Asked by: Sagey
  • Since The Death of It's Leader, Christianity has become corrupted and gained too many extremely Idiot cults that all call themselves Christian:

    When I first learned of Christianity I considered Jesus Christ as a very wise leader and put him up alongside Gandhi, Confucius and Buddha and could understand the Christians for following such wisdom and regarding him as holy.
    Yet, when I started studying Christian Theology and the History of Religion, it started becoming clear that Christianity has lost it's principle path.
    They were no longer following the path led by Jesus Christ but following other usurpers who were out to make a profit or gain power from preaching that they had a link to Jesus Christ.

    The first usurper off the blocks was Saul of Tarsus who essentially created his own version of Christianity and Jesus Christ.
    His concepts created the monster called the Roman Catholic Church, which essentially followed Saul more than the teachings of Jesus, along with reintroducing practices of idolatry to seduce the Pagans into their fold. Such as venerating effigies of Mary (Isis) , Sacred Heart of Jesus figurines and statues of Jesus on the crucifix, and Rosary Beads, which are all against the teachings of Jesus.

    Then in the 19th Century a myriad of extremely narcissistic usurpers, usurped the Christian faith to vent their own ideology and deceptive, stupid concepts.
    Notably these were:

    >Joseph Smith (rampant sex maniac and narcissistic usurper) created Mormonism

    >Charles (Taze) Russell (Con Artist, Salesman, Usurper ) created the Jehovah's Witnesses

    >Ellen G. White ( woman with brain damage hallucinations/visions) Instigated Young Earth
    Creationism into the Seventh Day Adventist movement.

    Though more recently Christianity has picked up a rather radical set of extremely stupid Cults in the way of:
    > Pentecostal Evangelist Movements with speaking in tongues and other holy spirit nonsense developed from a complete misinterpretation of scripture and the Pentecost.

    > End-Of-Times Movements which also have developed their usurping practices on mis-translation and extremely bad misinterpretations of scripture.

    For the Sanity of Christianity, since these completely idiotic groups that pretend to be Christian , but essentially give Christianity an air of extreme Stupidity where Christianity was once a sane, rational following of a very wise Prophet/Messiah, has lost it's way completely.

    I'm certain that John Shelby Spong would be in complete agreement here.

    Christianity needs to divorce itself from all the ludicrously Idiotic Cults and Sects that have incorrectly tied themselves to Christianity.
    When they are not really following the teachings of Jesus, but asserting their own complete and utter nonsense as being Christian.
    Essentially they are all Pseudo-Christian Cults, profiting off pretending to be Christian and getting a tax-free existence to push their Non-Christian and in some cases such as the Young Earth Creationist and Mormon movements Anti-Christian nonsense.

    Does Anybody Agree?

  • Yes I Do

    Christianity's Roots are not stupid. If you post a poll you cant include your opinion unless that is an option. Christianity doesn't have Cults. Thats a whole different level. They are called branches they are called denominations. If your post something don't post it in the kiddish way that you did.

  • I would have to agree, although everyone does have a right to their beliefs.

    As a former Christian, I would have to agree. Christianity has strayed quite far from the teachings of Jesus. I believe that Jesus was a wise man and good teacher. I am not sure what else I believe about him, but it is clear to me that he has certainly been unseated as the central figure of the Christian faith, by many different cults and sects. I think that Jesus would be dismayed to see what has been, and is still being done in his name.

  • Problem is, where do you start pruning?

    I think the reason why so many religions have sprouted from the bible is because it was worded in a vague manner. This may have been intentional because when a religion want to spread fast, it tries to include as many people from many cultures that may not accept it had it been more specific. The problem was, once these groups became too large they began to form groups that would claim passages meant something else. This is how the different branches started to form. When each branch got to a large enough size, it split as well and so on.
    Here is the main problem with "pruning". To do this, you would be claiming that their belief is invalid. This would not change their beliefs but turn them from being allies to enemies. With every cut you make, you would turn more an more people against your faith. Even those that have not been "pruned" may feel their time will come as well and cause an uproar within causing unintended separations that you did not want. It could easily turn out that your faith get turned into a fringe religion and be discredited by all the rest. No matter what, I can not see a good outcome of this. Remember, if you prune bible based religious, you cold even cut Christianity out because it too was based from the Hebrew faith.

    If it was up to me, however, I would just cut them all down, burn the roots, and turn the religion forest into a parking lot. I think that would stop all the silly nonsense.

  • Christianity should be a modernized version of exactly what it was supposed to be.

    Sure, some of the things in the Bible to do with punishment should not be like they are today but their religious concepts should stick to one branch. There shouldn't be Catholicism or Orthodox religions. If you follow what the actual Bible says the closest modern version is Anglican. From an atheist, just so you know I have no bias towards Anglican Christianity.

  • I actually disagree. Christianity needs to evolve, not revert to its original roots!

    I disagree with this opinion. What Christianity needs to do is evolve, not revert to its original roots! Jesus was very much a wise man and the New Testament if undoubtedly filled with some great advice. But there are beliefs there and opinions then that Christians today need to discard, such as Paul's view that women should not be Priest or even Jesus's view that forgiveness should come without lawful retribution for some crimes.

    Christianity, and many other religions I would add, need to evolve in the modern age to bring peace and make people personally accountable in our society.

  • The roots of christianity are horirble

    Back in the so called ages of faith when people believed the christian religion in all of its completeness there was the inquisition with its tortures; millions of unfortunate women were burned as witches and there was every kind of cruelty practiced on all sorts of people in the name of religion. I think christians need to evolve as they have and to stop believing in hell and that nonbelievers deserve eternal punishment for not believing in a book written by men who lie all the time. If god wanted you to believe in the christian religion he would have written it himself and it wouldnt be so screwed up. Earlier christians punished children for the sins of their parents which is horribly wrong as the child has no control over what the parent does. And all throughout the bible god is said to punish children for the sins of their parents. He did it with the flood and with the tree of knowledge and in exodus 20:5. I say we need to stop believing in this god entirely as the more we stray away from this god the more moral we become.

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Oops forgot to take the s off Needs to make it Does Christianity Need, not does Christianity needs, LOL, my grammar appears so crap there.
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Sagey says2014-05-30T01:13:49.400
Yes, I and John Shelby Spong agree that Christianity needs to evolve.
But it is difficult for a religion to evolve if it is dragging along with it and excessive baggage of complete Nonsense as Christianity currently is.
If it goes back to simply following the teachings of Jesus, then it can more easily evolve from there and it would be much better off for it.