Does Christianity shun individualism, an open mind and free thinking?

  • Yes it does.

    Christianity promotes a beehive system where individualism is looked down upon. If one does not agree with a Christian's point of view he is a "sinner". Christianity promotes a sheep mentality in which the sheep should blindly follow the shepherd without questioning. A person who does not want to be a part of the flock is looked down upon.

  • Well yeah thats religion

    Christianity as well as other religions shuns and condemns individualism, free thinking, open mindedness and being skeptical. If you go through the bible and read all the sins the other that aren't about helping god keep his narcissistic ego by constantly worshipping him, they're about condemning and prohibiting things that make a person a person. There's sins about eating shellfish, wearing gold, getting bowl haircuts, play football, sexuality, pulling out during sex, wearing polyester, and the list goes on. A lot of it is just nonsense and shuns individualism and sometimes creates system of cultism and collectivism. As for open minded and free thinking, it shuns to an extent. Questioning theism and god in the bible is shunned and in a point of Christianity, to be an individual in ways the bible condemns and to be a open mind and free thinker it was worthy of death; a ugly time in history called the Dark Ages.

  • Christianity encourages faith, which is inherently opposed to free thought.

    Christians consider faith to be a virtue. Faith, in the way I use the term, is believing in something for which there is insufficient evidence. When viewed in this light, it is quite obvious that faith is inherently and diametrically opposed to skepticism, free though, and (I'd so so far as to say) science.

  • Yes it does.

    Christianity definitely looks down on individualism. People are expected to conform to Christianity's idea of what a person should be. If they don't, they are labeled as sinners unless they subscribe to the religion labeling them. While it would be untrue to say that this leaves zero room for Christians to think for themselves, it definitely limits their ability to express themselves. This is one of the main reasons it don't subscribe to Christianity.

  • A resounding yes

    Two thousand years ago, people believed all kinds of irrational things among them that people could resurrect and be born of a virgin. Look around: we all die, and we're all here because our parents had sex. Christianity asks you to believe these irrational thing and the only evidence is an ancient book written by bronze age dwellers. Really? And by the way people do die for irrational reasons/beliefs (9/11 terrorists is just one actual sample).

  • Inability to accept that you may be wrong in your view of the world is the definition of narrow-mindedness.

    Christians in general are unwilling to accept the idea that there is no God(Atheism), or that Jesus might not have been the Messiah(Judaism). They are offended by the very idea of free thinking, because if you're thinking these things, you must not have faith, and not to have faith is tantamount to evil in their eyes. The same is true of some atheists, they cannot accept the reality that a creator may exist any better. But Christianity, based on the bible, stands in complete opposition to these things. You cannot think freely because you cannot believe or do anything the bible deems sinful. You cannot be individual, particularly as a woman, since you belong to your husband.
    And you cannot have an open mind, because the very foundation of the religion requires that you believe only in one God, and worship him and no other.

  • Christianity is afraid of Open Minds as Open Minds lead people away from the Faith:

    Open, Individual, Critical Minds are the enemy of most religions and Christianity historically has suffered from such minds, as Deism and Agnosticism, along with Atheism are continually leading their sheep away from the fold. Philosophically, the Bible condemned individualism and considered them as worshiping false Gods, even when they don't follow any Gods (Atheists). Saul condemned individualism and Christianity has always called them Lost Sheep, because they cannot fleece them for money and power.
    Thus, historically, Christianity and indeed any Western Religion shuns Open Minded Individuals.

  • Of course it does.

    Christianity in itself, is based on control and fear. If you do not believe in certain things or act a certain way, you will be threatened with burning in hell for an eternity. This is what religion does. People are expected to behave like sheep, instead of thinking for themselves and doing what makes them happy. I believe you cannot be a free thinking individual if you are religious.

  • Of course it does.

    Does anyone know what the ONLY unforgivable sin is in the bible? It's blasphemy. It's perfectly fine to murder, rape, and steal-so long as you repent. But as soon as you say that god even might not exist, your soul is damned for eternity. This creates a mentality where a christian cannot even begin to think that Christianity is a false religion, halting free thinking.

  • Of course it does

    Mainly because they demonize everything that doesn't agree with their religion such things include comics D&D video games rock n roll and halloween. They try to spread false information and back it up with bible verses that many may coincide with things their against to feed to ignorant people who can't think for themselves along with it being hypocritical overall

  • Of course not

    Just look at the history of Christianity, the rich, intellectual history of Christianity shows this popular myth of Christians being sheeple to be a lie.

    The first monasteries became the first Universities. The monasteries in Europe contained libraries of scientific and artistic works, and trained scientists who, because they believed a rational God had designed the universe, believed he could be reached by rationally studying nature.

    Christianity is not anti-intellectual in ANY way.

  • It does not.

    Islam says that homosexuals should die and infidels should be killed as well. Their Qur'an says that women are inferior to men and should be beaten. But instead of arguing against this persecution, you are arguing against a beautiful religion, one of kindness and love. Christians are tolerant and kind.

  • As far as Christians go, it depends greatly on the person. Being a Christian does not determine how open-minded and free thinking they are.

    However, on Christianity as a whole it does shun individualism, open mindedness, and free thinking. Through it's very concept you either follow the book and believe in Jesus or you rot for all eternity. Don't do this. Don't do that. The book is all about controlling you and telling you to abide by it's morals without question; this is the antithesis of free-thinking and individualism.

    It doesn't matter how many Christians are open minded and free thinking, nor does it matter if Christians are the utmost open minded and free thinking people in the world. Because ultimately as it stands, Christianity its self is a contradiction to free thinking, individualism, and having an open mind. Believe in this because we said so, do not question it, do not argue with it, and god loves you very much.

  • That is just

    An excuse for people to sin, Christians can be free minded, I am a Rastafarian, Rastafarianism is a branch of Christianity that supports free-thought but still has she moral values of Christianity. I have atheist friends, I do not shun them, I use that opportunity to help them see Christ for who he really is.

  • Christianity does not Shun Individualism.

    Christians do not agree with Individualism, yet they do not shun and look down upon. Ulike what the argument says, Christians believe that they are to love the world, including atheists and other religions: as working for the Lord and NOT for men...So they shouldn't be looking down upon the outsiders, they should be realizing that EVERYONE is a sinner and EVERYBODY can be saved through Christ Jesus.

  • No it does not

    Christianity celebrates free-will and the talents of others. Of course the Lord celebrates an open mind. We should be able to go whenever and weigh the pros and cons. If Christianity didn't it would allow multiple chances at regaining salvation. Go out experience the world the good and the bad. It is up to you to choose what is good and what is bad. Just know that there always consequences for your bad decisions. The Lord says "If I am wrong, correct me?"

  • That's a broad and crude generalization of Christianity as well as a broad and crude generalization of what open-mindedness and free-thinking is.

    Christianity has always supported individualism.

    An 'open-mind' and 'free-thinking' is a broad and misused term. There are many types of open-mindedness and different types of free-thinking. Every religion and political alignment support numerous types of free-thinking and open-mindedness. And then attacks another religion/political alignment for not supporting their specific type of 'open-mindedness' and etc...

    Every group is open minded and free thinking in it's own way. Just because a group doesn't support the same type open-mindedness (or open-mindedness to the same opinions) as you doesn't mean they aren't open-minded.

  • Yep, we are all cattle with no minds ... Evolution didn't give us one.

    Is it sometime easier for people to accept something and never question it ... Like say, the claim that religion poisons everything? Yet if you think that Christianity somehow blocks or encourages that thinking, I strongly suggest you delve into the doctrine which is ... Incredible detailed and results precisely from someone asking the question and seeking answers. When the answers are that well thought out though, i behooves the questioner to acknowledge that he or she is not the first to ask the question, and, at the very least, to examine the often incredible detailed answers and figure out and explain why they disagree.

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