Does Christianity support obedience over being a good person?

  • It's Actually Quite Frightening

    On the surface Christianity is about giving back to others and being a good person. That is what you're taught when you're a Christian child. However, when you dig deeper into the religion you realize that it is more about following orders rather than being a good person. A few examples that showcase this is the fact that you can only get into heaven by accepting Jesus as your savior. Even if your were a good person and amended your wrongdoings, you'll be denied heaven because of lack of praise and worship. The bible says follow God's will and not to question him. That all means you must blindly follow God and obey his every will. The strongest piece of evidence is the story of the man who was tested by God. To test the man's faith God told him to kill his son. The man was about to do it then God stopped him and congratulated him for being loyal. His attempted murder was commended simply because even if a man was willing to kill their own child, as long as he follows God it's okay.

  • It supports one more than the other, for sure.

    Simply put - if you aren't a Christian but you are a good person = going to Hell.
    Simply put - if you are a Christian but you aren't a good person = going to Heaven.
    This takes the stance of Bad over Good (as long as you're Christian, at any rate). Christianity does encourage people to be both; I'll admit, but still bad over good.
    God is in Christianity. Being a Christian means accepting God and Jesus (who are kind of the same guy). Accepting God means obeying him and following the Bible. The Bible says to obey God absolutely.
    Thus, obeying God over being a good person.

  • Yes, obedience keeps you in the religion, being good can take you out.

    These people who said they are True Christians say they obey every piece of the bible, no questions ask. And, since the bible teachings are outdated, what was good back then might not be good today. So, if you choose to be good in today's terms you can be violating your Christianity.

    We know about so many religions today, and in today's terms, it is good to respect the ideals and lifestyle of another religion, but yet Christians still obey their orders to convert others and damned the non-believers to Hell.

  • It's entire main theme supports this.

    Christianity basically states that your deeds and works do not matter at all, that being a GOOD PERSON doesn't matter at all. All that matters is that you fall down and worship "god" and believe in "Jesus" and his "sacrifice". This, according to Christians, is what gets you an eternal reward, and everyone else (no matter how good of a person) deserves eternal torment.

    Frankly, it's a bit twisted.

  • Yeah it does

    Actually a lot of what it preaches doesn't have anything to do with being a good person. Catholics eat fish on fridays because the church decreed it. This has been going on for a pretty long time, and the reason they do it is for economical reasons. See a LONG time ago, when the church was small, a lot of its members were fisherman and the church wanted to give them more business. Nothing to do with any thing else. Oh and I know that this is sometimes done only during Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and they do it THEN for abstinence purposes, but I'm referring to the people who do it EVERY Friday. Oh and the birth control thing? That is mainly to get the numbers up. The more children a woman accidentally has, the more little Catholics there are. The more little Catholics there are the more power the Church has. SO MUCH of what it preaches doesn't have anything to do with being a good person, it has to do with obedience and faith. Adam and Eve in the garden? OBEDIENCE. Abraham about to kill his own son Isaac? OBEDIENCE. Of course they call it faith, but it's all the same thing. They don't have people thinking for themselves. Everything is told to them. I remember when I was in Sunday School we played simon says and copied and memorized passages from our little books. It was ALL about obedience.

  • It isn't simple

    Most of the yes arguments seem to think that obedience to God is all that counts, and if you aren't obedient, thou shalt surely feel the smite of the LORD, but it isn't that simple. For instance, the Judgement. If it were as simple as "You believe, so Heaven. You don't, so no life for you," then there would be no need for such judgement. Christ Jesus, upon the teachings of which Christianity was founded, gives many good life and moral lessons to live by. It is clear that being a good person is important. While obedience is indeed important, once you begin to realize that God is the perfect being, the wisest, etc., they really seem to fall as one in the same. I would like to point out, also, that accepting Christ Jesus as LORD is not the same as obedience to God. You could accept Jesus, but not listen to the moral teachings of God, etc.

  • Christianity itself does not support Obedience, the Church does.

    The basic beliefs of Christianity do not directly support Obedience, but what the Roman Catholic church started, and nearly every church has continued to do, is put a single man, the Pastor, Priest, etc. In power, and then have everyone listen and treat him like he has the complete answer. Because of this, "Hero-Worship" promoted by the church, people naturally think they must listen and serve their Pastor, and that is where the idea of Obedience derives from.

    The Fundamentals of the Christian Religion, is to follow the teachings laid out in the New Testament, and these teachings, by-and-large are to be a Good Person: Love Thy Neighbor, Do Unto Others, Give to the Poor, etc. And while the New Testament also provides parts that say to obey God, the way the Bible says to obey God, is to be a good person.

  • Christianity has never been about obedience

    Many other religions require obedience to certain rules but this has never been the case with Christianity. Christianity supports just one underlying principle which is that if you believe that Jesus Christ is the som of God and he died for our sins they you are a Christian and you will go to heaven. Obedience to rules has never been what Christianity is about.

  • The question makes a questionable assumption.

    The question assumes that there is a moral standard to which God can be held accountable. Within the context of Christianity, there isn't. God is defined as good, so everything he does is good, despite the fact that some humans may take offense to his actions.
    Within the context of Christianity--that assumption is critical--to be a good person is to obey God. Obedience at the expense of goodness is contradictory as God cannot give an immoral command. If God could give an immoral command, then he would not be good and thus would not be the deity to which the Bible refers.

  • God is good

    Christians obey God right? And God is good Right? Then why would he ask/tell us to not be a good person? God loves every human being FACT! He is not going to ask us to not be a good person. Although it does depend on what you think a good person is. E.G. He would tell a child to disobey his/her parents if the parents where asking the child to do drugs. That is the right thing to do. But God is good

  • Christianity Can Never Taught Obedience if No Action was Taken.

    Here's an Example, "Gay Rights Movement". In the beginning, Christ taught us about the dangers and avoidance of sinful acts like, same sex marriage, adultery and porn. As week goes by, we as Humans perceived the outcome and decide for themselves. Often in a religious state of art, we need to do something on to prevent the further outspread of it.. First is political change which can be positive and sounded good. But as this keeps rolling in and leading a pathway of more social sub diverting minor problems. Christianity teaching will hit a wall just like the Muslim Shariah Law counterparts. When this occurs, equality and freedom are taken away and punishment is unpreventable. So, how can obedience be kept from that situation ? The Johanesberg massacre? Will you see that in Churches today? No, I don't think so, cause church members are brought and taught blindly to consume the Bread and Wine without questioning the preparation of it. What if there is poison in the lord supper? So was The sharia law and fatwa in middle east as a good example on obedience of an utopian but the truth is, they are controlling them. Human are sinful in nature, so why Christianity? When other options such as a leadership course is a better off method! Well, Christianity is a better insurance, cause you need to believe in it to be resurrected! And that beats muslim, buddhism and even doggism.

  • Obedience to God and being virtuous are not in contention with one another

    I contend that the arguments for the affirmative are a gross oversimplification of Christian theology - or Catholic theology at least.

    I think it is important to consider what is meant by 'good person'. A non-Christian can lead a life according to rudimentary moral code that many would agree is 'good'. According to Catholicism, this amounts to morality in line with what is commonly termed 'natural law' -- which are basic universal moral principles. Such principles cannot answer trickier ethical questions such as abortion or euthanasia.

    The argument made by Catholicism is that the ultimate moral truths are found only in God and professed through the Catholic Church -- because God by His very nature is the ultimate 'good'. The question of obedience vs 'being a good person' is therefore meaningless, as the two concepts are inseparable.

    The natural law and God's laws should not be in conflict. If they are, then it is most likely a failure on the part of the Christian - he or she is not being truly obedient to God.
    Christians who murder in the name of God are not being obedient to God, as such actions stand in stark contrast to the Word of God and the natural moral law.

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