• The Christmas Spirit is "Validation" for Human Nature

    Humans are innately selfish. They are "naturally at war, " ultimately doing what they need to do for survival. However, Many humans wish to feel like "good people, " a concept that is subjective by its very nature. They aspire to be recognized as "good" by stereotypical societal standards. This desire is fulfilled in the month of December, Where they indulge in the "holiday spirit" of generosity and kindness. This is merely a false sense of validation for their vast array of selfish behaviors during the remainder of the year. Ironically, This very search for validation is a selfish endeavour, As they use their environment (and others in it) to appease their emotions. Now, As a member of a free society, It is not my right to tell others what they should and should not do. "Should" implies a social obligation, And I do not wish to impose arbitrary social standards on free individuals. I recognize that I am selfish and do not fit the character of a stereotypical good person. I fulfill my own definition of a good person, Which requires the contribution to the advancement of society. If people wish to live through the entire last quarter of the year in delusion, They have every right to do so. I don't believe that they should, But I will not stifle their liberties. I choose to live in reality. December and Christmas are no different from the rest of the year (except for the religious aspects). Personally, I think it's a little excessive to start celebrating as early as people do, But as I previously stated, It their choice, Not mine. I maintain that the Christmas spirit is not real, But merely the product of human pursuits to conform to society.

  • Christmas is great because its short! Why start it early?

    I feel we are giving the younger generations the wrong impression starting it early. Thanksgiving is an important holiday and deserves to be celebrated separately. As for Christmas, It is special because it is short. It's like having a favorite dessert that you love, But if you ate it every day you would eventually get tired of it. You love that dessert because you only have it on special occasions. I love Christmas like anybody else, But when its mid-November and you walk into a store and you see parents and kids with balloon Santa hats and carolers singing and you think WHY! It's not even Thanksgiving yet. I honestly felt sad. . . Seriously why did the parents there think it was a good idea to bring their kids to that. . . It made me feel that Thanksgiving isn't important to people anymore when it's just as important as Christmas. . . Really is sad. . . If parents can't find a way to make Thanksgiving just as fun as Christmas then they must be doing something wrong. . .

  • Christmas shouldn't start early.

    Their is such thing as school supplies, Halloween and Thanksgiving you know. Every time a couple weeks before the actual event in stores they change it to the next event and put things out. But they must not relize that their are holidays and some people in situations can't get them a couple weeks early they got to get them later but then they can't because stores already changed it and theirs no chance t get the rest of what they need.

  • Christmas far to early

    Back in the 60s & 70s the Christmas run up used to start beginning of December it now starts in October by the time Christmas does come round everybody is fed up with it, And the tv is the biggest offender, It has lost its appeal and is now just a money spinner for the big companies, And families feel pressurized

  • Too much Christmas ruins the novelty!

    October= Halloween.
    November= A month to get into the winter spirit, The cold, The fires, And the snow. Or Thanksgiving, If you're American.
    December=The Christmas month, A month of festivities, Joy, And whatever else that time brings to you. Christmas comes once a year, One day, Surrounded by a month of the festivities and joy. Seeing, Experiencing, And celebrating Christmas as early as OCTOBER is pure lunacy.

    Celebrating it for 2/3 months really ruins the novelty. Remember when you were a kid, And you stayed up really late for new years for the first time? It was exciting, Right? But by the time you were a teenager, 3am? Nah, No novelty! Or when you got your first pocket money? But by the time your 25, You might be making 1000x the £2 pounds you got when you were 7/8, And it's not nearly enough, But there's no excitement.

    Christmas is that 1 month, Not a quarter of the year.

  • There are two kinds of people in the world. . .

    . . . Those who can never get tired of certain things and those of *us* who can get tired of even our favorite things. Just because Christmas is wonderful, It does not logically follow that we should want as much of it as possible--that is simplistic thinking. If Christmas really is that special, *keep* it special by not overdoing it. The more you run something into the ground, The more meaningless it becomes.

  • Christmas is overrated anyway

    There are other holidays besides Christmas. It seems we skip Thanksgiving. Right after Halloween, It’s CHRISTMAS and we are sick of it. I hate the annoying music, The decorations everywhere, Too much snow, Etc. Christmas is just another holiday and it’s overrated. What makes it more special than the rest of them? We don’t need half a year to celebrate just one holiday.

  • Wait till December

    I heard my first Christmas music today whilst shopping in Wells. No-one I spoke to was impressed - by the time Christmas arrives, We are all fed up with it.
    Leave the major commercial promotion of it (music and shop windows) until December and bring the 'excitement' of the season back.

  • Celebrated too early!

    It's November, And I already see Christmas ads all over television. It makes me antagonistic to see that it is being celebrated before when it is supposed to happen. But I get irritated with it mainly because that we set a designated time when it should happen, But we celebrate it earlier than that. If we are gonna celebrate it in November, It either should not have a date for when it should be celebrated; it can be celebrated whenever, Or we should set it for November AND December. Bottom line: If you have something set to start at a certain time/day, Don't celebrate it earlier than the designated time/day, Vanquish it or set it to another time/day.

  • Thanksgiving? What's that? It's only CHRISTMAS!

    Celebrating Christmas any time before December should be illegal. December is the unofficial Christmas month, Just like October is the Halloween month. You don't see people screaming about Halloween and selling Halloween decorations in August, Do you? No, Not in my area at least. Are there Valentines day chocolates in December? Despite being the most pointless, Overcommercialized holiday ever, Noope! Holidays have their months and they should STAY in their months, But people are so excited about getting the newest iPhone from their estranged uncle that they bury other holidays in their Christmas "spirit".

  • Never, Christmas is Fun!!!

    The best feeling in the world is the magical feeling of lights, the beautifully decorated trees, the fresh smell of baked goods, and families who argue about politics but smile at the end. Christmas is a way to remind everyone of fun times that are supposed to be light hearted and full of good people.

  • No Christmas does not start too early

    Christmas is a positive way to celebrate Jesus Christ and It's also a positive way to communicate with other families. It's a time to buy gifts and have fun with each other so I think Christmas does not start too early and everyone should know that Good Day Everyone From BBK

  • You can never start Christmas to early.

    Everyone who is anyone starts the Christmas season in November. All of the stores start their Christmas sales right after Halloween. And radio stations start playing Christmas music after Halloween. Also, who has ever heard of Thanksgiving music. I certainly haven't, so it would make sense to play Christmas music during November. And honestly, Thanksgiving is already over shadowed by Black Friday. It is not a big deal if we start getting into the spirit before Thanksgiving. You wouldn't wait until the day before your birthday to get excited, you would anticipate it for a week or two. That is exactly like Christmas. We don't just get excited about Christmas when it's a few days away. We start to get excited a couple months before.

  • If this keeps up, I won't even like Christmas anymore

    Why is christmas becoming such an obsession??, like we cant even hardly get pass half a year without christmas deleting/absorbing all the other holidays. I have to sadly agree with the people saying "People are using it to escape there miserable dull lives" Thats almost exactly what i was saying to myself. I said"usually people complain about christmas starting too early now more and more people are excepting it, i honestly think it has to be because people are so dissapointed with their lives and the economy that they have to escape into the fun and extra buying of materialistic items of Christmas. Christmas is now being use more as a form of escapism from peoples troubled reality"
    -TOPHER November 9 2017

  • Santa is coming!!!

    Why wouldn't you want to start the Christmas Season early?! It is just a wonderful time full of holiday cheer! You are allowed to start the Christmas season whenever you want to whether it be summer, spring, fall or winter. So I wish you a Merry Christmas! (and Hannukah)

  • If Jack Skellington can do it, so can you!

    It is possible to enjoy more than one holiday at once. Starting early keeps you more organized so you don't feel so rushed in December and can actually enjoy the holiday approaching. Some families meet at Thanksgiving for Christmas because they'll see other family at Christmas. It is especially true if they're in different states. It's hard to get Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving if the stores aren't armed. You can find the best deals for gifts when you have the most time...Be on the lookout year round. Some gifts when customized or ordered from other countries take 6+ weeks to arrive.

  • Christmas is coming :)

    Christmas is a holiday that celebrates cheer, family, and being together in a day of celebration. The feeling of Christmas cheer brightens peoples day, and makes people all around happier. Also, most people take down their Christmas decorations very shortly after Christmas, so why not get the most time to enjoy them? Driving down a street at night and seeing the twinkling lights hung up on trees and roofs is a wonderful sight, and it is a sight that makes people happy, and gets them excited. Thinking of Christmas people start counting down the days until they get a break from work or school, it is a time of excitment that only comes around once a year, so why not make the most of it?

  • Christmas is never to early

    Lets start with christmas lights. They are the coolest during christmas you look out the window and find them all and not just lights theres santa. And during thanksgiving you never think of christmas. It gets us in the mood for christmas. They may say its skipping thanksgiving but theres no thanksgiving music so they listen to christmas!!!!!!!!

  • No and how could it.

    Christmas is a choice. You can celebrate how and when you want. I don't think Christmas start too early because I am probably one of the few who actually believe that Christmas should last year. As early as stores put out holiday items people start buying them. Don't let me start on kids.

  • It's Up To You!

    Christmas starts for each individual when THEY decide they want it to start. Yes, I do think stores put out Holiday items [ALL HOLIDAYS] far too early but if people didn't buy them that early there would be no need to put them out that early. If you don't want to start decorating until a set date then don't, no one is forcing you to.

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