Does Clark Moffat have grounds to sue his former law school for his inability to find employment in the legal field?

  • Yes, Clark Moffat has grounds to sue him law school.

    Clark Moffat is not suing the law school simply because he cannot find employment, that alone would not be grounds for a lawsuit. Mr. Moffat is suing because he and others allege that the law school gave misleading statistics for the employment rate graduates. Mr. Moffat also believes his inability to pass the bar exam is directly related to the schools bar prep.

  • The Post-Grad Plague of Entitlement

    Clark Moffat is absolutely delusional if he thinks he can successfully sue his former law school for his inability to find a job. Someone needs to tell that "special snowflake" that this is a common occurrence for young adults graduating from college in this day and age and provide him with a reality check. I'm going to be graduating college in about 6 months and I'm already taking the steps necessary to procure an actual job because I'm fully aware that it's my responsibility, not my school's.

    The role of a college/university is to prepare students for the real world and provide them with knowledge and information about the field that they'd eventually like to launch a career in. At the end of four years, they'll get a diploma if they do well but that's where the role of their university ends. Colleges do not owe them anything - they do not owe them internships, jobs, or even the promise of employment. Their purpose is to provide their students with the tools required to go out into the world and make a name for themselves. They do not have to, and should not be expected to, hold the hand of a 22 year old graduate who's too lazy to log off Facebook and start searching Indeed for a way to pay the bills. Clark Moffat is a disgrace to all of us hardworking college students and, on the off-chance that he's not just looking for 5 minutes of fame, he's an absolute bum with an over inflated sense of entitlement.

  • Colleges do no guarantee jobs upon graduation.

    When you enroll to attend a College or University, they do not give you a document that guarantees you a job upon graduation. At no point do they tell you that a degree from their University or College is a job ticket. Clark Mofftat has no grounds to sue his former law school simply because he is struggling to find a job. There are thousands of college graduates that have been unable to find employment in their field. What do they do? They get a job wherever will hire them while continuing to search for a job in their profession.

  • Not at all

    Pretty much everyone knows that there's a glut of lawyers. Many who graduate can't find employment. Ultimately there are many more lawyers than positions for them. I'm sure Clark Moffat is beyond unhappy about not finding a job, but his failure to do so is not actionable against his law school.

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