Does CNN have boring journalism and even worse tabloid narratives?

  • Yes, Immediately the George Zimmerman Trial coverage comes to mind!

    They boast being neutral on political Bias and that is just laughable. They are in a 10 year rating low of horrible journalism mistakes, firings and down right lies. They beat up on every Republican "news" contributor and always make subtle if not very blatant leanings towards progressive Liberal ideals. People tune in to CNN the same way they hurry to a hospital when they think they are having a heart attack. Piers Morgan has a pithy whine to his dialogue that just makes me change the channel every time is see him on!

  • Just plain BORING!

    Year ago I used to enjoy the variety of CNN as a news outlet. Now just all Trump all the time. Even my wife who leans pretty far left will not watch CNN anymore. Hearing the same storyline over and over is nauseating. There’s actually more going on in this world than Trump. BORING! If CNN were a sports team, A coaching change would be in order.

  • CNN IS extremely boring!

    I am a news junkie. So I try to flip between different news outlets and every time I go to cnn..All they talk about is Trump and how he sucks.

    I get it..CNN hates Trump..But what are the odds that no matter what time I tune it in there is a discussion dissing Trump?

    I think the programmer at that station has a serious issue and should be replaced.

  • Shoot me please

    Oh my God, the SAME agenda day after day...The same reporters supportin each other. And they are freaking making millions to do that! How dare they point out anyone for being overpaid!
    I challenge them to post a real live health insurance quote from Obamacare and pin it to be seen.

    These figures: Modest family income in Jacksonville FL. A couple with 2 kids with household income of $75,000
    Choose a plan with no annual deductibles if you dare

  • Same stuff over and over again.

    I was a big fan, but the quality, interest and relavance is not there anymore. Same stuff over and over again. Tell real news stories and let the audience make their own opinion. Real time news just like it used to be, not a 24 hour rebroadcast of the same crap.

  • Yep, Pretty Boring!

    Even though it is somewhat neutral, CNN makes me want to turn the channel every time I turn the channel to it. Because it is so boring! I'd rather watch people argue incessantly on Hannity or something of that nature. At least on biased news stations there's a little more passion, even if it irritates you at times.

  • I've seen worse!

    CNN ISN'T as good as they used to be. But, in all fairness, NONE of the networks are! Journalism as a whole as diminished to cutesy flirtations mingled with news. All of the networks show political leanings. The hard copy press has been doing so, for decades. I don't think of CNN as being like a "tabloid". That's more E!News ... And I saw nothing wrong with the CNN coverage of the Zimmerman trial. Every network showed bias, on that case, based on their political views. I prefer to watch MSNBC or CBS. My favorite shows for discussion are: Morning Joe (with Joe Scarborough) and Hardball (with Chris Matthews). I like Scott Pelley, for the Evening News. All three attempt to carry a moderate stand. I would rather see that than blatant, one-sided journalism. Again, my main issue with CNN is this cutesy ... Flirtatious atmosphere. The journalists are more like contestants on The Bachelor than professionals of their craft!

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