• Yes, it does.

    It is not a popular cereal anymore, and there are way too many sugary cereals on the market. Sugary cereal is really bad for kids and encourages them to develop some really bad lifelong habits. If it is being shelved that is not neccessarily a bad thing, although it is certian some people will miss it.

  • His team made it to the World Series.

    Coco crisp is an aging player in baseball but he played a big part in getting the Cleveland Indians to the World Series this year. Although the ultimately didn't win it all they did make it Game 7 which is the absolute farthest you can get in the year without taking home the trophy. He came up big in more than one spot to get them there.

  • They came together.

    It doesn't matter how great a player is individually, what matters is how they contribute to a team. Coco Crisp was a strong player during the World Series. His hitting was impressive. The team followed his lead and ultimately they were very successful. Crisp proved that he can play in a crunch, and milk his potential for all it's worth.

  • No, CoCo Crisp does not deserve to be resigned.

    The contract CoCo Crisp signed did not guarantee that he would get to play the 130 games required to vest an upcoming $13 million season. The Oakland team is a business, and the relationship with Crisp is a business agreement. Crisp's performance -- 10 homers out of 396 times at bat -- lacks the power needed to keep him off the bench. The decision to bench Crisp holds him under the 130 games needed to resign for another season, but a low batting average does not deserve a $13 million salary.

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