• Extends education further

    College would extend your brain in mant ways. You'll learn more in your major and other things. We go to highschool, middle school, and elementary. Who said that those schools are ANY more important? Exactly, school is just a thing we need to be even more educated . Case closed

  • Smarter = an increased ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Study and training improve those abilities.

    Study or training of any kind, whether in a classroom, independantly, in a work environment, or even in an athletic activity, expands your cognitive capacity, increases your knowledge, increases your skills, and improves your ability to acquire new skills and knowledge. Exercising your mind is very similar to exercising your body. One cannot expect to be competitive in triathlons without the prerequisite physical and nutritional training, likewise one cannot expect to understand and obtain an advanced degree in biology without prerequisite courses in math and chemistry. When you study, your mind undergoes physiological changes in order to better retain and comprehend new information in the form of hardwired neural circuitry. One's ability to learn new things is itself a skill, and can only be improved by the act of learning, therefore a more learned person will generally have an advantage in their ability to acquire new information than a less educated person. As your education level elevates, so does your ability to be educated.

  • If you have intelligence to begin with, college expands your mind more.

    When you go to college, if you possess some intelligence to begin with, you are assigned certain readings, assignments, and exposed to people, situations and ideas which open your mind even more. You often learn critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, you learn what valid arguments are versus logical fallacies. These all make one smarter and more open minded, and able to discern truth from exaggeration or outright falsity. If you are not smart to begin with, yes, college won't help you much, but nothing will.

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  • More knowledgeable person

    Going to college means you will take more courses and increase your knowledge bank. You explore different interests and this helps you grow as a person. It helps you become better rounded as an individual and that is why I believe that college will make a student become smarter and more knowledgeable.

  • Yes for some

    For some that do attend college when they get older it can make them smarter than before. When students attend college they have a much broader view of the world that is around them. This is dealing with not only the degree that they are going after but, also other things.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe a college education does make a person smarter. I believe college education can introduce concepts that weren't even touched on in high school. I believe colleges also do a great job of touching on relevant current events and explaining their importance in depth. College can make a person wiser and more intelligent.

  • College education allows for intellectual growth.

    A college education absolutely makes people smarter. Everyone may have the same or similar latent capabilities, but it is a college education which awakens those, which allows you to process the world from a completely different level. That is not to say that a college education is the only path to this intellectual growth, but it is definitely one path. Even if a person attends college with no specific degree in mind, i.e., liberal arts, when they get out of college, the way they think is smarter, more informed. They know how to deal with new information more quickly and efficiently.

  • It really depends on what you wanna do and what options are available.

    For example, if you're gonna be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or engineer, chances are that it will be needed to make you more well-educated in your field. But if you're doing business, fine arts, soft sciences, etc. then it is not needed. You could teach all of this to yourself through books, movies, online, and making connections with others. Learning in the classroom is different from the real world. In fact, most people just come out of college stupider than before bc of loan debt and the toxic left wing ideas indoctrinated into their minds by these goddamn institutions.

  • Experience Is Better

    If you spent 4 years working under someone experienced in the field you are interested in, you will be much, much further along your career and knowledge path than the person in college. College makes you study irrelevant subjects in the interest of being "well rounded". But so far as career - those 4 years would be better spent on the job.

  • College degrees are nothing more than just another way of making rich people get richer.

    I mean really how much of what you learned in class are you going to use in your day to day job 1%? 10 tops? Most of what you learned in college is utterly useless really. But unfortunately u really need that peace of paper to apply to a decent paying job.

  • Nehru Jensen pommel

    Grades and degrees in any field do not represent a persons ability to use common sense. I've known Many MANY people who became Teachers, Business majors, Medical professionals etc. and yet they were dumb as a rock. Thinking that your occupation is a major factor in determining one's intelligence is, as millennial morons would say, ignorant AF!

  • Hahaha yeah right.

    I served in the military for 4 years. Went into an apprenticeship program at a factory for 3 years. I'm now a journeyman and have met 24 year olds straight out of college that come to work here for the summer. What I've noticed is they are arrogant and ignorant. But I think the arrogance will help them learn the REAL world but not the classes they took.

  • No, and educational institution cannot cure stupid.

    I have met many people, through my work, in their homes. Uneducated people look and sound dumb. However, educated people pretend to be smart, with their lexicon and especially superior attitude, but can't understand the simplest things. They mask their ignorance with some arcane words from their higher education days, not realizing that people do know what the words mean and that they are using them wrong. Simple minds are still simple even after, especially after, subjecting them to information and alcohol overload. Because they believe they are smarter from college, they are unable to continue learning throughout life, and they result in becoming archaic and fossilized, with only a desperate attempt at a false image of grandiose beliefs and narcissism.

  • A college education does nothing to make a person smarter.

    No, a college education does not make people smarter. A college education makes you knowledgeable on a higher level. It educates you on more difficult subjects, but it does nothing to actually make you smarter. Getting a formal education will not increase your IQ, but it will enhance it. It will give you knowledge and skills to better compete in the job market.

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