• Potentially, but Debatable

    A little bit of background history about myself. I am current a college student, and a Republican Conservative. My college is heavily Liberal with different things, even the text books, where it is really manipulating student's minds. I know this from personal experience, and can go into further detail if anyone wishes to know.

    Back on topic though, I say the answer to this question is debatable. I say this because I'm going through college and disagree with lots of things Liberal. That doesn't necessarily make me a Liberal, but do believe there could be Liberal manipulation going on within school grounds. They even have a class called "Liberal Arts", and not one for "Conservative Arts". As well as there is really less colleges being more conservative than liberal, so this adds a more fundamental perspective on how people can get corrupted.

  • It sure does to be honest.

    As Daniel Doherty pointed out, colleges “have increasingly become breeding grounds for radical liberalism. College courses, which are often taught by biased professors who espouse leftist ideology, fail to adequately challenge undergraduate students and often leave many of them woefully unprepared for the real world. SJWs run it as well.

  • A UK Perspective

    An increasing number of UK universities are left-leaning. Not so much in that leftist views are pushed onto students, rather alternative views are undertalked, if not censored. There is a growing tendency to no-platform speakers who come from conservative/functionalist viewpoints within university campuses when their opinions are challenging, unpopular or do not agree with a more liberal interpretation. So whilst the students are not being forced into liberal values, it is continually presented that conservatives values are wrong, and not even worthy of holding a debating platform within a university. This is problematic because it is leading university debates to become echo chambers where affirming one's political identity seems to be more important than learning to defend one's viewpoints against robust criticisms and of learning alternative viewpoints. In my eyes censorship is not an effective strategy for teaching the up-and-coming generation how to defend their views. Even if some Conservative viewpoints are completely moronic, they deserve to be heard so that they might be exposed as flawed within reasonable debate.

  • I would say no.

    It is tempting to say college does make people more liberal, I myself have always been liberal even before college but I did notice a trend of liberal ideology and thinking among many students in school. There are a few reasons as to why I think that is.

    1. Could be the fact that most College professor tend to be liberal-leaning and sort of embed their ideals and beliefs in the curriculum which in turn gets you thinking just like them (Conservatives conspiracy belief).

    2. Could possible pertain to the natural tendency to conform to the majority and wanting to fit in kind of like peer pressure in high school or middle school.

    3. Possibly you became enlighten and aware of another prospective that challenged your original beliefs and ideals through the rigors of college study.

    Despite these different reasons, college can never really force anyone to become a liberal, communist, conservative or whatever that is up to the individual. However, it can certainly influence you if it is taught from a certain perspective and/or withholds certain information from its students.

  • College has made me more conservative

    I'm currently a business student in college. I used to think that I was somewhere in the middle, but after becoming more aware of economics and the world of finance and business and how conservative policies affect the economy vs liberal policies I've begun to form a preference for conservative policies. I don't really care much for social policies. I also changed my political affiliation to "Republican" recently so I can vote in the 2016 primaries.

  • College does not "make" one liberal

    Now, everyone has their own experiences in college life, but I personally learned that with each generation formulates their own political beliefs. A 2011 research project concludes that each generation is becoming more democratic than before. In fact, not being a college student yet myself, a solid 65%-70% of my graduating class identifies as democratic. Also, I have been polling many of my friends from different states and areas, and all have been reporting that their classes lean more to the left. I agree with the comment above me. Colleges can not "make" someone liberal, but a political influence is always present, no matter which way they lean. Friends of students as well as his/her parents' beliefs also affect the way the student views politics.

  • College doesn't, people do

    College is not responsible for "making" students liberal. The only reason students shift their political beliefs is either because they have new experiences or other people have influenced them to do so. Just like "guns don't kill people, people kill people," the same applies here. College is just an institution that educates students in a variety of biased ways. Some universities are more liberal, that may be true, however, there are also very conservative universities. Even at places like those-- even at Liberty University, one of the most conservative of its kind-- there are still many liberal students that can be found. This goes to show that the "liberalness" of students has nothing to do with colleges or universities as institutions.

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