• Yes, of course.

    What people have to understand is that there are many aspects of intelligence and many ways different people learn. Common core only benefits a tiny spectrum of intelligence. Do you think a brilliant dyslexic does well in the common core learning system? I think not. Education should be more individualized and nurtering.

  • Yes, common core can negatively affect student learning

    The common core sounded like a great idea, but it hasn't turned out to be as wonderful as people had hoped. The idea of commonality in education is a good thing and should be sought after. But some of the common core standards are much too high for many students to attain and the push to finish all the standards in one school year leaves many students falling farther and farther behind. Teachers have to rush through lessons regardless of whether the students have understood the work or not and have no time to review as much as is needed. The standards need to be reassessed and perhaps adjusted to make them work better for a greater majority of students.

  • Dumbing down education isn't the answer.

    I've always believed that either we work to make students smarter or we work to pass more students, and I'll always stick to the former as being far more important. Dumbing down education standards simply because its too hard for some kids is not the way to go. Yes you are allowing some kids a better chance at passing, but you are also hurting students who're not only fully capable under current Common Core curricula but have the potential to go beyond it. What we need are smarter grads, and not necessarily a higher number of grads. We're falling behind in international scores because of this.

  • Common Core Helps Students Learning.

    The common core curiculum helps students, and does not have a negative impact on their learning. The Common Core is at the same standard as many international educational standards which is significant because the United States has fallen behind over the years. It also helps students develop higher level thinking skills, including better problem solving and reason skills. Teachers are also able to monitor student's progress better which is a positive for students.

  • They Say It Does

    I honestly don't believe the common core negatively effects student learning. I think the teachers and administrations that find fault with the common core are finding that fault because of the new, stricter standards in education. I believe there are a lot of people in this field that simply can't function properly and we need to remove these people, they are the problem. I'm not going to tear the common core down just because the teachers don't like it. They've went unchecked for far too long.

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