• Only with full public support.

    The Soviet Union forced communism over its people, there was no vote for it. As soon as the first election of the Russian Federation came about, communism was kicked aside by the majority. This proves that (at least the Russian people) did 'not' support communism.

    If you are not a communist, you're unlikely to work like one. A proper communist would work at maximum capacity for society as a whole--rather than themselves. If about 40 or even 50 per cent of a population cheats the system by doing minimal work for equal pay, communism is doomed to sink. Now, if a nation were to have a population that fully supported communism and worked their hardest--a nation like the Soviet Union would have dominated a capitalist nation economically, technologically, and moralistically. But the mass simply didn't understand communism, or didn't support it.

    The only way communist nations have been able to try and maximize the output of workers, was to stick a gun up to their face. THAT, is the wrong approach. Because now the people fear the government and definitely want to see them out. But, honestly, what more can the government do? It's hard enough getting a population to convert into regular socialists--let alone fully radical communists. Really, the only way to make any progress with a politically split population is to threaten them. And this is why all past communist nations have essentially failed.

    When asked the question, though: "Does communism work?" I 'believe' that it could very well work. I think regular socialism--like in Brazil--is a better approach. However, given the right population, I very well believe that communism could work. It's just a lot less likely to work. We are humans, and humans are more often greedy than charitable--and capitalism is what tends to benefit those who desire to amass wealth. If you're a communist, you accept that you will be on the same level as everyone else, financially.

    I especially think that a proletarian dictatorship is the wrong system for communism. If you can't get it working in a regular free democracy that allows all other parties, than you won't get it right by forcing it onto people. Socialist Revolutions--nothing but unnecessary bloodshed and an inevitable future collapse.

  • It is unfair to all

    Communism does have some good points but when looking into the entire picture of what is going on and what is expected of each working class, it just does not sum up to par. The working class does all the work and comes up broke while the upper class does nothing but dictate and gains all from the workers.

  • Communism doesn't work.

    There are no successful examples of communism in history. All the states that have attempted to adopt Marxism have failed. The Cold War has ended, and it's clear which side was better. No one wanted to live in East Germany, and every year hundreds of people escap from North Korea to the South. Communism doesn't work.

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