Does competition necessarily bring out the best in people?

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  • Brings out great work ethic

    Having competition in life helps the human kind strive to perfection. Continuously working to beat the man beside you instills work ethic, in a way that you cant get it from an any wheres else. If everybody does this we will have a much better world, by doing this it would eventually allow world wars, hunger, poverty to be diminished

  • Adrenaline Can Change People

    Yes competition does bring out the best in you. You want to impress the people watching you and show that you are the best. Adrenaline kicks in when your nervous and kicks in to make you nervous but it also does make you play better. Nerves help you win Competitions .

  • Competitive spirit is needed

    To bring out the best what is needed that is competitive spirit not competition.It is competition which led the human society to the hale but his spirit to do the work led to heaven. America is the first country to land moon becoz of competition. So for any development competition is a must.

  • I have been up against tough competition all my life, I wouldn't know how to get along without it- Walt Disney

    My thought on does competition brings out the best in a person, I believe that it does. All around us we live in competition. Everything we do is competitive. If it is competitive with another person or within yourself competition is very important to bring out the persons best. Just say you are driving around in your old junky car and you make minimum wage, but you have the brown power to do something greater. Than you see a man who drives a nice car, has nice cloths, and lives the good life. It motivates you to better your life. In high school competition is a major thing that drives every student. Whether it is being first in their class, or being the starting quarterback on the football team, competition drives us to do better. Competition pushes us past points we thought we couldn’t go, make us do stuff we wouldn’t have done unless someone pushed us to do it. We will always stay the same if everyone around us stays the same. We shouldn’t be afraid to be exceptional, don’t be satisfied with being mediocre. Throw someone to the wolves and they will come back leading the pack.

  • Everything improves from competition.

    All life forms, from complex beings such as humans and dolphins to lowly anaerobic bacterium, all benefit and improve thanks to competition. Competition may not necessarily need to be inter-personal, it can be a group of people working together towards a common goal. Competition forces people to be better, and strive for more.

  • Brings out the worst in people -- consistently.

    Over and over, sports brings out the worst in people. My theory on why is because people are consumed with winning rather than playing. It is not about the sport, good competition, teaching and learning, or any other fundamentally good concept. It is about winning.

    Ask anybody who is not athletically gifted and they will tell you how much they hate playing sports. Not because they necessarily hate the sport, but because they hate the nature of people. Even as an adult, I STILL have had other adults call me incredibly mean names because I am brave enough to play games I'm no good at. Finding a group of folks to play with for the fun of the game, the enjoyment of the sport -- win or loose -- is a serious challenge. Then, as the group membership changes, the attitudes invariably change. One day you walk in and people are playing to win, at any cost again. Anybody who is not a "winner" needs to move on out.

    This "win, win, win" focus produces the worst from people. Unbridled anger, cursing, yelling at people, pushing aside those who don't measure up, cheating. All of this is the NORMAL in sports, not the exception.

    Then, for some explainable reason, society excuses such poor behavior as "all part of the game". Look at the horrible things star athletes do and get a pass for...Both in the pro and collegiate ranks. Watch a group of guys (or gals) who were just yelling at each other on the court or field go out for beers and act like best friends again.

    When we go back to sports for sportsmanship. Play the games for the love of the game itself. Participate to teach others, grow individuals, and all gain -- that is when we might see sports bringing out the good instead of the bad in people.

    Now don't get me wrong -- play to win, play your best. Being competitive is not a bad thing. What is the point of a game if nobody is even trying to win? But winning should not be the focus, because point of fact is somebody will win and somebody will loose. Both should walk away being able to say "great game".

  • Someone always has to lose.

    Because of competition people sometimes forget there is another side. People only want to win without thinking about how the other side might feel when they lose. They get so caight up in winning that they think it is the only thing that matters. Just because you win it doesn't always mean your a winner and just because you lose it doesn't always mean your a loser.

  • No, not necessarily.

    It can bring out the best, but it can also bring out the worst in people. I love competition. If you are too competitive it can lead to lying and cheating your way to the top. This is far from the best someone can be. A little competition is good but never take it to far.

  • No, competition that is too keyed up can lead to harm.

    According to Maurice E. Stucke, an associate professor at the University of Tennessee College of Law, competition can both drive companies out business and can lead to physical or social harm between individuals. Take the 2011 beating of 42-year-old giants fan Bryan Stow, who was attacked by two dodgers fans after the season opener. The two attackers later turned themselves in, and were sentenced to time in prison. This is what happens when competition becomes too important to people, and it will continue to happen as long as people make competition too important.

  • Under the pressure of competition,

    Some people may turn to cheating and dishonesty in order to win. Everyone wants to be the best at what they are competing in. Especially when under immense pressure such as in the event of the Olympics, some people may resort to cheating eg. Taking drugs to boost their performance so that they can guarantee a win. While they may or may not get caught for their dishonest acts, competition does not always bring out the best in people. It may also display a person's worst side.

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