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Does competition necessarily bring out the best in people?

Asked by: imthebaws
  • Competition, Although the best in us can be bad, Motivates people to be stronger and better

    Without competition, Why would people want to move forward? Why would businesses want to improve? Competition allows people to grow and try to improve above others, Even if sometimes it can lead to hatred. Although it can tear people apart with too much of it, Just enough can make society move forward. Just like all things, Too much can be a problem, But that does not make it a bad thing.

  • Yes, But not all the time.

    Competition does bring the best out of people because when they want to win and be the best they will put their all into it. They will also try their very best. Competition can also bring the bad out of people because they may not win and they could be sore losers and become violent. Also, They might not want to put their all into the competition so they might just cheat. Therefore its a 50/50 thing.

  • I believe that in friendly competition or competition against self that competition brings out the best in people.

    It makes people try their best, Motivating them to not be embarrassed, And motivates them to work theyre absolute hardest. As long as the environment that the competition is being held in isnt toxic, Competition is a healthy thing that better people. People in sports constantly better themselves to be others and to better their abilities compared to their old self.

  • Competition brings out the best effort in people

    Competition brings out the best in people it is human nature to want to win and nothing does that better and causes people to give their full effort is competition. This also makes you work the hardest because no one enjoys loosing and all humans want to succeed whenever they can.

  • Yes, But to a certain extent

    After reading all of the posts, I can say that I understand both sides very well. However, I agree that a certain amount of competition can bring out the best in people. It bring out a sense of pride in people who root fro their own country's team, But it can also go overboard with fans and even players who might be rivals and not like each other because they are so competitive towards each other

  • Yes, But it is to a certain degree

    Being competitive can make sports more entertaining and fun to watch but at some point it can go over board. Being competitive lets players put their best foot forward but sometimes athletes will cheat to get that competitive edge in professional sports. Fans can also make the game fun with their competitive spirit but can also take it over the top and make it dangerous.

  • Yes, But to a certain degree

    Yes, But to a certain degree because even though competition will bring out the best in people it can also cause them to lose sight of their end goal and will make them go to a stage where they will do anything in order to achieve their goal of winning the competition and this can oftentimes have serious consequences.

  • Competition is good at times

    Competition sometimes brings out the best in people, But not always. At times, Competition lifts competitors up, Which helps them reach their dreams and goals. However, When competition results in negative behavior that is not beneficial, It doesn't bring out the best in people. Therefore, An ample amount of competition can bring out the best in people, But competition sometimes gets out of hand.

  • Yes, But also depending on situation

    Competitions are a tricky argument. Many sports fans fight to claim who is the best but in general in unites. Without competition, Athletes wouldn’t never push themselves to their max and achieve/ change great things in their sports field. Competition allows for everyone to put in their all and come out with a rewarding game regardless of who won or lost. It brings out the adventure in people. In conclusion, All one really loses is a game, Not a war

  • Everything in moderation

    After reading all of the posts, I can say that I understand both sides. However, I agree that a certain amount of competition can bring out the best in people. For example, My friend and I exchange our test scores for a test, And they did a better job than I did. It created a sense of competition in my head. While it may not always be good/positive, This competition caused me to study harder and strive for better things. Working harder has allowed me to develop better skills that can be beneficial for future endeavors. Lastly, When in a competitive environment there will be times where you lose. Learning to lose can build character and is an important life lesson.

  • As much as it can bring out the best, It can also bring out the worst.

    Sports can lead to obsession and animosity between countries and teams. As stated by George Orwell, N Burma, I have seen the supporters of one side break through the police and disable the goalkeeper of the opposing side at a critical moment. The first big football match that was played in Spain about fifteen years ago led to an uncontrollable riot. As soon as strong feelings of rivalry are aroused, The notion of playing the game according to the rules always vanishes. " Competition can be friendly but it can easily lead to obsession where the rules and the game values are blurred and winning is the only sound the crowds and the players can hear.

  • Absolutes are hardly ever solid

    Saying that competition or debate as a necessity brings out the best in people is false. Both CAN bring out the best, But they can also bring out the worst. Competition can lead to great discoveries like the light bulb, Or horrible massacres like the World Wars. As human emotions get more and more tied up in a situation, It will be less and less likely that sound logic will be used in favor of backhanded comments or low blows.

  • Competition often leads to its own destruction

    A major example of a competitive field that we all interact with frequently is that of capitalism and capitalist markets. One of the driving ideals behind capitalism is that competition breeds innovation in the forms of reduction of prices and such. However, This is contrasted by the advent of monopolies which essentially seek to stifle innovation and ironically kill off the competition that created them.

  • No, When unhealthily pursued

    Competition is inherently a good idea because it pushes different groups to create an atmosphere where they can attempt to improve themselves. It is when this notion is taken too far and that the competition becomes hostile that it becomes something that can bring out the worst in people. Spectators in sports can often become extremely hostile to others simply because they do not wish to lose.

  • No, Because of wording.

    I'm saying no strictly because of the word 'necessarily', Which makes the statement an absolute. I do not agree with the notion that every person has their best brought out by competition, Because for some it can be stressful or otherwise troublesome. For others, This may not be the case, But the use of an absolute forces me to say no.

  • Competition causes and accelerates division

    Competition is fueled by a wish to win and defeat the other team by putting in your all. This wish can lead fans to put a lot more support towards the team they like, And when what they don't want doesn't become reality, It causes the fans and competitors to fight and blame to make themselves look better.

  • Competition promotes hatred and violence

    Competition leads to hatred and arguments. It is shown throughout countless matches such as glascow, The 1934 Olympics (Nazi Olympics) and the Dynamo Arsenal match that was fog ridden and overrun by spectators. It was not officiated how it should for the reason being that the fog prohibited the officials from seeing anything in front of them. It led to many rule violations and even having too many people on the field at one time.

  • Competition brings out the worst in people

    Whether or not we know it, ALL humans are competitive. When faced with a competition, We want to win, And we will do anything to do so. Think about it, Who WANTS to lose? Nobody wants to. This drive to win brings out the worst in many people as humans will do whatever it takes to win. Additionally, If we lose a competition, Jealousy, Anger, And other emotions of the like tend to take control over our minds. These emotions also bring out the worst in us. Now, Competition can bring out the best in us at times, But it tends to bring out the worst in us more often.

  • Competition does necessary but does not always bring out the best in people

    Competition is an everyday part of life. There is competition between siblings, Classmates, Teammates, Business partners etc. This competition is necessary b/c it pushes people to achieve more (academically of economically). But we have to keep in mind that the competition is not everything even though it is all around us. Some people lose sight of the right way to act when in a heated battle. People handle anger and adrenaline in different ways. Most of the time it is civilized but it is not uncommon for people to lose themselves over a slight setback.

  • Competition can be Harmful

    Competition can definitely bring out the worst in people. They can put others down if they are winning as well as losing so they feel better about themselves. Competition shows the bad side of people and can make them seem very into themselves and mean. Competition can bring the worst in people and can be harmful.

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