Does compromise justify politicians lying about their political beliefs

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  • Compromise is important BUT politicians should always be honest about what they really believe

    It's great if a politician is willing to compromise but they should always be open and honest about what they really believe in.

    Oftentimes candidates who aren't willing to support big solutions will try to make candidates who do look like they can't compromise. This is ridiculous. A candidate who supports big solutions will typically vote for bills that support smaller versions of the same thing, and oppose any attempts to move in the other direction.

    A good example is that Bernie Sanders supports Medicare for All. So do I. I believe he can get support for it, but probably not in his first two years. Nevertheless it logically follows that he would be in favor of any solutions that move us in that direction even if they fall short, and that he would oppose any attempts to roll back the gains we have already made.

    Hillary tries to spin Bernie's position on health care and on other issues to make it sound like he can't get things done. But everyone knows that if you want to get a better deal in an auction you bid high, not low.

    Both Hillary and Trump show an alarming inconsistency on their political positions. Trump even moreso. She was against gay marriage, now she's for it. She was for TPP, now she's against it. And 'coincidentally' it is when the polling numbers changed. But there is an even more egregious example. As a professor Elizabeth Warren told Hillary about how disastrous the bankruptcy bill would be for most Americans. So in 2000 Hillary convinced Bill to veto that bill. Then in 2001 as a Senator Hillary voted for the same bill. 'Coincidentally' she had received campaign contributions from the banking industry and many credit card companies.

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