Does computer editing tend to downgrade movie and TV show's quality (today) quality?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Being that editing video files naturally compresses the quality

    It seems to be the case. Digital quality movies of today are edited with computers, so that the computers movie company intros and rolling credits can be inserted. Naturally, unless they have time to make uncompressed copies, it won't seem to work. I'm kinda confused, honestly, so can someone give me an idea of how this works.

  • Not at all. In fact It has improved quality.

    If you are talking in terms of technology. See level of editing in latest films & compare it with old films. It has become easy to learn it & do it.
    If you are talking in terms of content quality. Today You can get so many filmmakers. So there is a competition. It creates pressure to produce high quality.

  • Editing doesnt always means downgrading the quality..!!!

    Editing doesnt always means downgrading the quality. The quality of the movie is downgraded only when the we decrease the resolution of the movie or the image because in that case some compression algorithm tends to eliminate the information which is less useful and then reducing the noise from the image or video which results in reducing the size of the video and degrading the quality.
    Sometimes editing is done to improve the quality of an video, let say from black and white video to the Coloured video, In this case the the quality of the movie is not downgraded but upgraded.

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