• Yes they do.

    Congress deserves their historically low ratings because they haven't done much to actually fix anything in the US. We keep doing things that are not real fixes they are band aids on problems that do not even matter at the moment. We need a better education system, we need better jobs, and a cleaner environment.

  • Yes, they have earned them.

    I'm only 30 years old, so I haven't exactly seen a ton of congresses during my short life and have only been able to understand the system for about 15 years. But this congress does deserve its historically low ratings. Even talking to old timers, they see this as the worst congress of their lifetime and a degredation of the republican party.

  • Yes, Congress deserve their historically low ratings.

    I think that Congress deserves their historically low ratings. They have done an awful job of running the country and helping solve the problems that the nation has today. The national debt is at an all time high. Unemployment numbers are stll horrible. And more and more people are losing faith with our elected officials.

  • They deserve what they get

    I believe that Congress is one of the most corrupt areas that one could work. They tell people what they want to hear so that they can be elected and then once they are there they fund their own agenda. They do not care what is best for the country just what is best for themselves and their political parties. The deserve to be rated low due to this.

  • Yes, the ratings are well deserved

    This particular congress has been absolutely worthless when it comes to getting anything done. Very few things have been accomplished and very little legislation passed, Other than petty arguing and mud slinging, not much has happened. This congress certainly deserves its low approval rating, and most of them probably deserve to be fired.

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