Does Congress need to know more about Obama's drone policy?

  • Yes, It Should Be Part Of The Standard Briefing

    Obama's cabinet members routinely have to testify in front of both houses of congress on what their agencies are doing. Obama's drone policy should always be part of those briefings and testimony. Whether those briefings should be open to the public is another matter, especially if issues of national security are at stake.

    Posted by: rpr
  • They do because we do

    As an overall Obama supporter, I'm more than willing to say he needs to be reeled in a bit on this one. Congress needs all the details on how his kill list is formed and utilized, as do we as citizens. This thing probably won't finish going down the wrong path, but right now it's setting a really ugly precedent.

  • Yes

    At what point will drone strikes be allowed on American soil? A system of checks and balances is a the basis of our government. With unchecked freedom to operate these drone strikes throughout the world, violating other nations sovereign airspace what is to stop him and our military? Without supervision by Congress and this nation's people, we are headed for a totalitarian state.

  • Yes, Everyone Needs To Know More

    The White House has kept way too much hidden from public scrutiny. From their policy on torture to their use of drones to kill innocenct civilians and American citizens, Obama's administration has engaged is some seriously shady policies. Congress deserves to be privy to all this information, and the American public deserves to be informed.

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