• Of Course.

    The point of Congress is to do what is in the popular interest--not necessarily what the public wants (though the fact that they'll get kicked out of office acts as a deterrent from making it a habit). Certain gun control measures that the NRA opposes seem to, based on scientific studies, save lives, and the NRA has significantly hindered enforcement of firearm law, and research as to the effects of gun control.

    So yes, they need to be stood up to.

  • YES!

    NRA should not have to stand up to Congress regarding anything having to do with our Constitution, Congress is a group of elected officials whose purpose is to represent the people in accordance with the Constitution. We, as Americans, need to realize the power that is vested in our hands. All too often it seems that Americans take the back seat while we let extremely rich men who are totally disconnected from real society make all of our decisions for us.

  • Yes, The NRA Is Too Powerful

    The NRA makes a habit out of opposing useful legislation and common sense. Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines need to be regulated, and sometimes, I think the NRA would rather there be more regulations on owning and manufacturing cars. After all, cars must be registered and drivers must be licensed. Why can't it be the same for owning a firearm?

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes

    Yes in the sense that Congress should prevent big business from lobbying the government. The NRA is nothing more than the lobbying arm of the firearms industry. While gun rights are a good thing, big business already has power and control in the form of financial wealth, and it should not be given even more power by controlling elections.

  • Congress needs to stand up to more than just the NRA.

    The NRA is not the most powerful nor is it the most dangerous group lobbying Congress. But if Congress is scared of the NRA, which is not as well-funded nor as well-organized as the big financial lobbyist (think Wall Street, credit card companies, and big banks), then how will it be able to stand up to the lobbyist who really have something to gain from corrupting the legislative process?

  • Not one More: Stand up Congress! NOW!

    We are failing as a society to keep our children safe. While it may go a little deeper than guns, there is absolutely no reason not to make movement towards more gun regulations. We don't have to take away the right to bear arms. BUT, you better believe that we have to watch who owns guns. We have to test people, we have to have stronger consequences for people that own guns illegally, and we have to protect others, especially our kids. There is no reason for this insanity. If congress does not stand up and make changes, then we need to make changes in congress! The NRA must get their heads out of their rumps and help come up with a solution. One that is progressive and action provoking.

  • Why bother? Won't work

    The awesome thing about the NRA is that it doesn't use people to stop laws, it uses money. If congress disregards the potential to have funds for their next election campaign, the NRA will just give it to someone who does regard the people's 2nd amendment rights. Politicians follow money, and the NRA has quite a bit of it, which means that you kind of can't really stand up to them. Look how that worked for the democrats last week. They got NOTHING.

  • Congress needs to listen to the NRA

    Why should they stand up to the NRA? The NRA is membership organization of American people. The government works for the people. Thus the government works for the NRA. Another reason is the NRA is right. Unless you are a criminal there is no reason to be against law ab aiding citizens from owning guns.

  • Congress IS the NRA, and the NRA IS Congress.

    Congress has no authority to sterilize the people of the last defense. They already are violating our rights in the legislature. They are not going to take the one asset that can stop them from becoming the deciders of the life and death in this country. Obama is a tyrant, and he will not have these guns. Unless he enjoys what they do.

  • The NRA is the people!

    The National Rifle Association is made up of millions of American citizens who have came together to stand up for our second amendment rights. With all the citizen-disarmament talk in recent months the NRA has seen several hundred thousand new members.

    To stand up to the NRA is to stand up to the people, and the law abiding citizens of the United States will not have it!

  • It isn't the NRA, it's popular will

    The NRA derives it's status by reflecting the will of the people. So "standing up to the NRA" means ignoring the democratic process. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Second Amendment, they weren't representing the NRA. Congress should represent their constituents, not pretend that there is some other force with which to contend. Harry Reid is NRA endorsed, because his pro-gun position is appropriate to getting elected in Nevada.

  • Why?

    These politicians are grown men and women. They don't need to "stand up to" anyone. If they have a belief in something, they shouldn't have to "stand up to" an opposing group. And what exactly is the NRA doing that they need to stand up to? Giving money to politicians they support? Are they scared of freedom and liberty?

  • No they don't

    The NRA fulfills an important role in American society: they are a voice for gun owners who are frequently the targets of punitive legislation aimed at infringing on their right to bear arms. Most of the gun control legislation that comes out of Congress makes life more inconvenient for law abiding gun owners, and not for criminals. If anything, Congress should listen to the NRA more often.

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