• Of course it does, more so than ever. Conservatives are the only hope for the USA to survive.

    Of course it does, more so than ever. Conservatives are the only hope for the USA to survive.

    The main issue here is that people don't understand what it means to be a conservative. I don't have the space to go over everything, so I'll just touch on some basics.
    Conservatives want to 'conserve' whatever currently exists. Today, they want to conserve the Country that our founders created. People on the other side want to 'fundamentally change' this Country.
    Conservatives are thought of as people who hate or fear change. This isn't actually true. They embrace slow, gradual, natural change...Change that is inevitable and is verifiably good or positive to society. The other side wants constant, immediate, radical change without taking the time to follow that change to its logical conclusion before implementing it. ('Pass the bill to see what's in it. If it’s horrible then we have another excuse for change because we thrive on change.')
    People think that Conservatives are 'Right Wingers' which is mostly true right now in the USA, but not historically. How many people remember that we used to have a lot of conservative Democrats and 'Liberal' Republicans? The fact is, throughout history, conservatives have been on both sides of the political spectrum.
    Another incorrect assumption is that Conservatives are all religious. The fact is, until recently, there were just as many religious people on the Left as on the Right. Religion has nothing to do with Conservatism unless that religion is already established. Once established, they will want to maintain it, as long as they see it as good.
    When we look at the Christian Religions, we can divide them into the Catholics and the Protestants. The Catholics were originally the Conservatives and the Protestants were the 'Liberals'. Today, we find that most religious Conservatives are Protestant and most Religious 'Liberals' are Catholic.
    There is so much more but not enough room, and I would be going too far off subject.
    To summarize, Conservatives know that the USA is the greatest country to ever exist, offering more freedom and opportunity to its citizens than any civilization in recorded history. Sure, it's not perfect, but perfection is nothing more than a pipe dream of idealists. The realist Conservative knows that the idea of Utopia is insane. Over time, with careful thought and consideration, the country will improve on its flaws. Flaws that are very minor when compared to the rest of the world, spanning all of human history.
    Remember, the other side wants to 'Fundamentally Change' the country. Why would anyone want to fundamentally change the greatest nation to ever exist? Read this carefully. Improving on an existing structure is not ‘fundamentally changing it’. Destroying the structure and rebuilding it as something complexly different is fundamental change.
    If not for Conservatism, we would be living in a radically different country today and it wouldn’t be a country that I would want to live in.

  • Yes it does.

    Yes it does. We DON'T automatically assume every religion but Christians are satanists. We also LGBT people unequal. That's a lie. But are they stupid people on our side? Yes, but there is way more stupid people on the liberal side. It works, and anybody who makes a claim we do hate speech or don't accept others didn't do a fact check.

  • It does not.

    Conservatives don't understand that change is something that happens all around us, and for some reason they simply cannot accept it. From my experience, they also cannot accept when others are not Christian, and deem all other religions "incorrect". Conservatives are also responsible for treating other people (especially LGBT+) inequally because what they believe isn't traditional enough. Additudes of intolerance like this have no place in our society today.

  • Conservatism Restricts Resources

    I am in the middle, because although conservatism is the law of the jungle, ie survival and preservation of the fittest (which is beneficial for genetics and evolution), it screams inequality, immorality. And corruption. Most conservatives stigmatise and ignore social issues, especially (mental) healthcare, and that affects the general population.

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