• Google is making us stupid

    Google is making us stupid because at the click of a button the answer is there and that is not good because my kids can just look up the answer for there homework l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

  • No effort to search for information makes one stupid.

    A stupid person does not care to utilize an engine like Google because obtaining information is of no interest to stupid people. Though caution should always be exercised to make sure the results are actually valuable to your search, no means of locating information can rightly be said to make one 'stupid'.

  • No it does not.

    Constant use of Google doesn't make an individual stupid. Google is just a resource. Believing everything that Google gives as a response without verification may make a person foolish. In this day and age, Google is a fact of life. Instead of looking down on people for utilizing it, we should be teaching them how to determine the validity or usefulness of the sources Google provides.

  • Googling does not make you Stupid

    While constant Googling won't make you stupid, it may not make you smart either. In fact, if you depend on Googling for every question that arises or arises over and over, your memory for facts may become weak since you are looking up the answer each time instead of attempting to remember it. Googling is like anything else - it has its uses and its flaws. It is a very good tool and can also be a crutch. Remember, moderation in all things.

  • No, but it does depend on what you're Googling.

    Just like reading nonsense won't make you smarter, Googling nonsense won't make you smarter. However, just the act of Googling isn't going to make you any stupider. In general, it's better to look something up if you're unsure rather than just guess, so in that respect, knowing when you need help makes you smarter!

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