Does continuous exposure to seductive ads for unhealthy foods affect a child's likelihood to be obese?

  • Yes at a young age

    People at a young age are often effected by the things that are around them. Thus people should have some type of protection from them when they are this young. If people are not protected from stuff like this they can be part of the problem. In this case people becoming overweight.

  • Children are getting fat.

    America is being selfish and unhealthy and whoever thinks that advertising is helping is wrong. Whoever thinks it is a personal choice; yes, people are still given the option but anyone, even the people opposing this stance, would go for a good greasy burger. Yes it is a choice, but America has no self control.

  • Advertisement can indirectly effect people, through creation of social norms.

    While advertising, itself, may not convince a person to eat the wrong food and become obese, it can create an environment where unhealthy food is the norm. In this situation, a child is very likely to become obese. Advertising has the power to make the unhealthy food popular enough, where the child feels it is normal to eat it regularly.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Continuous exposure to seductive ads for unhealthy foods increases childhood obesity, because it makes children more likely to desire those foods.

    The purpose of an advertisement is to make people desire the advertised product. If they did not do so, businesses would not pay for the advertisements. We can therefore deduce that advertisements for unhealthy food will naturally make people, including children, desire the unhealthy food advertised. Eating such food will most likely lead to obesity. So, it is fair to say that unhealthy food ads contribute to childhood obesity.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Kids are easily influenced when young, especially without parental guidance.

    Children have malleable and unformed minds; they are easily swayed by suggestion and influence because they have not been fully educated about many things and have not developed the reasoning skills yet to determine what is good for them long-term. There is definitely a trend between obese kids and all the advertising out there.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • Yes, because advertising helps create social norms, and no one can deny the prevalence of ads for junk food and fast food.

    The cultural images that we encounter provide a template for the good life. Especially for children and adolescents, who, whether they admit it or not, take many of their cues from the more-established adult world. This mainly involves the sanitized, glamorous images in advertising, including food ads, which stoke the longings and insecurities of their audience. The airwaves are suffused with images of the happiness, comfort, and popularity allegedly associated with consuming a particular soda, fast food item, or type of candy. And it's a reasonable inference that this flood of imagery renders obesity more likely. The point is not that any given ad controls a person's behavior, but that the cultural climate includes many suggestions about the pleasure of consuming empty calories. But little information is given about nutrition, fitness, and health, so that these ideas may not even occur to people as goals, until poor diet and sedentary living are already well-established habits.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Yes, I believe that these ads for unhealthy foods definitely entice children to want to eat these foods, and they are contributing to the childhood obesity problem.

    Many ads for unhealthy foods are designed for the purpose of attracting children so that they will want to try these foods. Because of the ads, the children will pressure their parents to allow them to have them. I definitely believe that the ads help to add to the childhood obesity problem that we have in the United States today. I think that it is wrong to tempt children with high calorie foods that will cause them to gain weight, which can cause them health problems in childhood that will follow them into adulthood.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Childhood obesity is on the rise, and children are extremely vulnerable to the on sleight of ads for unhealthy food.

    Children in our country are getting fatter and fatter. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic. We have a duty to take a stand against the constant ads targeted at kids for food unhealthy food. You have only to turn on the TV to see the clever way sugar laden foods are marketed to children. Please write these shows, and tell the producers you want this to stop.

    Posted by: ToyEwa
  • I definitely think that "seductive ads" for unhealthy food are bad for children because many children want that type of food after seeing it.

    There are many different foods out there that children would not even want or be aware of if it wasn't for advertisements. The ads make unhealthy food seem fun. Children are extremely easy to convince, especially when advertisements are coupled with bright colors, fun music, and sometimes even popular cartoon characters. This is unfair and undermines parents' authority.

    Posted by: I33Horray
  • Yes, kids see this food advertised as being so delicious they have to have it, and they have no sense of what healthy food is, a lot of the time.

    Kids are bombarded with ads for McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, pizza, soda pop, potato chips. They see it all the time. They want it, and they will badger a parent into buying it, or they'll buy it. Children don't know about healthy eating and how would they? Who advertises healthy food as being desirable? If kids could see a commercial for Wendy's where they are eating salad, that could help. Don't give them the option of fries or an apple, then give them caramel sauce for the apple. This country is turning into a society of morbidly obese people. Kids are getting sicker, fatter, and it's guaranteed health problems for life. Someone should monitor these commercials and try to do something positive.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Junkfood ads dont lead to obesity.

    The people in the country know what the should eat for a healthy life. They must be cautious of why they want to eat junkfood. If ads are promoted it is not because of then as they dont rewrite the minds of the people. The wise and smart people decide of what they should and shouldnt eat. We cant blame ads for a problem for obesity as our minds control us not the ads.

  • I think a child's likelihood of being obese is largely a combination of the foods and eating habits he or she is exposed to at home, as well as his or her genetic disposition.

    Watching a steady diet of seductive food ads may increase a child's desire to try those foods. However, a bigger factor in diet, I think, is the food that the child's parent exposes him or her to, either at home, or when eating out. I think it is a parent's responsibility to assure that children eat a healthy diet. A child raised in this manner should have the available information to make informed choices about foods and health.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • There is a much greater correlation between parental control and behavior and childhood obesity, rather than between advertising and childhood obesity.

    Whether or not a child sees a ton of ads for yummy unhealthy foods, they will only become obese if their parents allow them to do so. Unless they are simply genetically inclined to obesity and it becomes almost impossible to impede, no good parent would allow their child to simply become obese. This doesn't mean that a parent that allows their child to become obese doesn't love their child. They simply are not responsibly taking care of them.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Children's exposure to seductive ads should have no effect on them because, if raised properly, they should not understand it, and also should be taught about healthy eating.

    I feel that everything that a child learns begins at home. This is where their base is. I get irritated when others try to find everything to blame, except the parents. If a child is raised properly, the child should first of all be taught about healthy eating, and therefore will not be drawn to obesity. Second of all, seductive ads are aimed at adults, not at children, and children honestly should not know what they mean, and therefore not be swayed by the ads.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • It is not ads that make a child obese, but rather the purchase of unhealthy items by their parents that contribute to their weight problems.

    While seductive ads for Twinkies or soda can certainly appeal to children, I think that these can be combated by teaching them from birth a healthier way to eat. If a child spends their first 5 years in a home that emphasizes healthy, nutritious foods, their likelihood of being overly influenced by food ads can be greatly reduced. There are plenty of tasty, healthy alternatives. Of course, peer pressure is another story, but that does not specifically address ads.

    Posted by: P0ngCuII
  • Continuous exposure to seductive ads for unhealthy foods does not affect a child's likelihood to be obese.

    A child's likelihood to be obese is dependent on many other factors beyond just seductive ads for unhealthy foods. The most important influence for a child is the upbringing given by the parents, the education and the immediate family approvals and disapproval's for eating habits. Influenced by seductive ads even if a child makes a fuss about eating those foods, a little discipline yet firm approach towards the child's demand can restrict him from consuming these foods.

    Posted by: A Richardson
  • No it is a persons own choice to consume food and just because it is advertised in a good light doesn't mean it is good.

    Junk food advertising is not something to be blamed by the obesity of people. Everyone can make their own choice about what they eat and most people know what is healthy and what isn't. Most adds try to make things look good and we don't go and buy everything we see just because of that so this cannot be blamed for obesity.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • I disagree with the idea that junk food advertising contributes to obesity problems.

    I do not believe that junk food advertising has any real contribution to obesity problems. The ads may remind someone about food, but I believe it is up to the person to make the decision to actually eat or overeat unhealthy foods. Ads cannot be blamed for the poor decisions that someone may make when it comes to junk food. Self control is more of an issue rather than the advertising that some junk food companies may air on the television or show on billboards.

    Posted by: Maximus Walton
  • Junk food advertising does not contribute to obesity problems because no one is forcing someone to put food in their mouths.

    Junk food advertising does not contribute to obesity problems because no one is forcing someone to put food in their mouths. There is an obesity problem in the United States, and a lot of people have begun to blame the advertisers for the cause of the situation. The problem is that individuals need to take responsibility for themselves and be held to their actions. It is the same argument for smoking. Everyone knows of the dangers, so why should cigarette companies continue to be blamed for death? Everyone knows of the health risks associated with overeating of junk food, so why should advertisers be held responsible. One of the great things about living in the U.S. is the right to choose. If advertising is blamed for obesity, regulations would befall the industry, limiting consumer choice.

    Posted by: SandDari

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