Does Conversion Therapy Help People Change Their Sexual Orientation?

  • Because it is

    Okay listen im a transgender apache helicopter and my therapy helped a lot. My therapist helped me become a cute female with an ugly disgusting man face because all transgender are mentally ill faggots that need to be treated accordingly. Kill trans erryday or i will kill them myself bitch

  • No, and you shouldn't force change

    So people day it's a choice, but it really isn't. If you were straight, could you just 'turn gay'? No, and the same goes for other lgbt members. As someone who has been forced into conversion therapy by my grandmother, I can say that it only made me love the same gender even more.

  • Sexual Orientation is Born, Not Taught

    Sexual orientation is an inborn trait, not something that is taught, and since it is not a disease it needs no treatment. Things like conversion therapy just encourage people to suppress their natural desires and cause problems for them and any partner they may have. Rather than trying to treat something that is natural, we should work on acceptance and understanding as a society.

  • You can't change who you are.

    Conversion Therapy will not help a person to change their sexual orientation. There is nothing anyone can do to change their sexual orientation. People are who they are. They like who they like. They are naturally attracted to whomever they are naturally attracted to. No amount of counseling is going to change that, however, the correct counseling may help someone to come to peace with whom they are.

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