• Corruption has no end in government.

    You could stick the name of any country into this question, and my answer would be the same. Governments in general have a way of becoming corrupt, even when setup with the best of intentions. India's problem of corruption will likely get worse before it gets better, but not before politicians find a way to keep the country as poor as it already is.

  • Yes it does!

    Yes, of course/ Just what India needs is a party of youth who are educated and well brought-up entering the politics/Or of course another Gandhi which is very possible when figures like Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi are roaming about. What India needs is just a small contribution from everyone to keep away from corruption ,just like an ocean which is made by tiny drops of water combined,India needs to combine its huge workforce towards a revolution, use the various civic liberties that INdian citizens enjoy and plug out the dirty insect called "corruption" from its roots.
    I hope everyone agrees...If not ,well this is a debate site isn't it?

  • No, caste system

    As long as the caste system influences things there corruption will continue to be rampant. There is no socioeconomic mobility for entire group of people. 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed 50 words needed

  • No it does not have any corruption end

    India has the largest democracy so any one can do anything he wants to do. This makes it a corrupt country. If India had a democracy such that of USA then it would have been little less corrupt country. India would be among the top 20 or top 50 richest country in the world. It is now on 130. If it had any end in India then it would make India a rich and prosperous country, which it is not.

  • Absolutely Not...But it can certainly go down.

    Corruption begins at the top and with time, spreads to all strata of a society. People in lower rung of society can always justify their corruption if the people above them are corrupt too. To remove corruption will need a systemic change in society which needs commitment from the top. And herein lies the problem. The folks at the top are the ones getting most benefits out of a corrupt government, so they are going to resist any effort to change the status qua. That is what happens in every country, though usually not at such massive scale as in India. Therefore, corruption has a bright future in India for at least a couple more generations.

  • We indians are till slave of our owns "bhrastacharies".

    India is the largest democracy in world also known for its unity in diversity and spiritual aspects. No other nation can be equal to India in these. India is richest in culture with the great credits of wholeness and nationalism .A corruption free India is what I this is next to impossible because if you want to reap goodwill you need to sow goodness. And every Indian has to pay it as a regard to motherland. Every one’s contribution is needed in a corruption free India and this is not just about being corrupted but most importantly not being a part or victim to corruption.

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