• Crying is Good for You

    Okay, if crying doesn't 'express emotion' what does? Anger doesn't work, it just makes everyone else have a bad day because you're yelling at them. Crying shows you are passionate, you care, and that you have feeling. It shows that you're not a robot. Robots don't have emotion or a girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • Expressing emotions makes us stronger.

    Proper expression of emotions is how one develops a balanced sense of themselves and of life. Crying when it's appropriate is something that can help in accomplishing this balance. However, one should be careful to make sure they're not crying as a way to avoid coping with other emotions they need to learn to express.

  • Depends on the person

    There isn't a definitive yes or no, since everyone is different and handles emotions in different ways. Many people I know say that it's a way to release certain emotions and so they end up feeling better since they feel like they get rid of them. There are a few people that feel worse as well since they get overwhelmed or feel like they're too weak. So depending on how someone deals with it, will determine if they get "stronger". From personal experience, most people feel better and indirectly stronger after a good cry

  • No chance of being stronger

    When you cry all you do is weaken yourself, crying makes me feel helpless and has lead many to addictions 'cause they do not want to weep but rather keep sleeping or enjoy the drugs... Crying makes you feel weak and is a symbol that you are not strong enough to solve your problems. I thing anger is what strengthens a person and not crying.

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