• Yes it does.

    Everyone has the right to health protection and care. The state guarantees this right by providing free medical and hospital care. Cuba has been highly regarded for its medical care and physician expertise. Following the 1959 Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro and his newly established government made universal health care a top priority. Every Cuban is expected to make a visit to a general practitioner every year to examine the patients lifestyle and review health conditions. Other services included community fitness programs for the elderly, localized polyclinics with other minor surgeries at a lower operation cost than major hospitals. Cuba has also the lowest rates of HIV/AIDS due to it's state of the art awareness programs.

  • Cuba’s Healthcare Horror http://www.Frontpagemag.Com/2010/humberto-fontova/cuba%E2%80%99s-healthcare-horror/

    Cuba is actually ranked 40th in the world in Health Care; the USA is ranked 38th.

    Switzerland is ranked #1

    “8 places that do health care better than the US”
    Hong Kong

    It is sad that America does not have Universal Health Care.

    My wife is from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and Universal Health Care works great. America should have it yesterday.

    But, the greedy wealthy insurance men and the Plutocracy don't want what is best for America.

    We need a revolution to get what are our just rights.

  • No, they are poor.

    No, Cuba does not have the best healthcare system, because they do not live as long in Cuba as they currently do in the United States. A country can make sure that its people do not spend as much money on health care, by simply denying them health care. Then they will die at a younger age, but they won't have spent on healthcare.

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