Does curiosity exist only if it's pursued?

Asked by: yahuaa
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  • There will still be fleeting thoughts ...

    I think you'd still experience curiosity in small amounts day to day, say every time you ran into something unexpected or something was out of place. But you would not necessarily pursue the root cause of it ... You'd just pursue a solution and move on. I think you'd still experience curiosity though no matter what. You kind of experience it every time your brain does anything ... Its the read portion that comes before your response to your surroundings.

  • Curiosity is just something that naturally exists in the mind.

    You don't have to really act upon that curiosity in order for it to BE curiosity. You just have to wonder about something you don't know much about and then viola! You have developed a curiosity for that subject! I am a natural at curiosity and act upon it often but it's not the fact that I act upon it that makes it curiosity. It's the questions I ask that make it curious to me.

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