• Yes, Cyber Monday offers better deals than Black Friday.

    Yes, the quality of the deals offered during Cyber Monday far surpasses that of Black Friday deals. While consumers can save on household items and clothing on Black Friday, the savings offered on technology items like laptop computers and tablets on Cyber Monday can truly help American consumers save for other needs.

  • Yes, the deals are better.

    Yes, Cyber Monday deals are better than Black Friday deals. For Cyber Monday, a lot of electronics are involved. Computers, TVs, cameras, everything electronic is at a huge discount. Also, it's easier to shop online for Cyber Monday than it is to drive from store to store on Black Friday.

  • Yes, some of the deals are much better than Black Friday deals are.

    Some Cyber Monday deals are better than Black Friday deals are. Some places even give people an additional 40 percent off the preexisting Black Friday deals. In that case, Cyber Monday is the winner. One thing about both days is for certain: Cyber Monday is a lot calmer than Black Friday is.

  • Cyber Monday does not have better deals than Black Friday

    Though Cyber Monday may have a few deals that are better than Black Friday, Black Friday has overall better savings. Cyber Monday tends to be more deals, but at less of a discount per item. This may add up over time but is not as beneficial for a purchase of one or two items. Plus, Cyber Monday purchases must also account for shipping costs and shipping time instead of immediately having the items in-hand on Black Friday.

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