Does cyberbullies deserve to get life sentence?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • They are Evil

    These are people that have made thousands or more commit suicide. I have been a victim to Cyberbullying myself and it still sucks. People can torture you from in there basement and through a computer screen. I was bullied as a kid and scarred for life. Life become like a living hell. The cyberbullies on the web are actually murderers.

  • Yes they are criminal

    Why not ? Those people are criminal.And make someone commit suicide is just like killing people.Did you know there are 4,400 teen death per year(it shock me).They need to get punish.They even deserve to get death penalty but only if they are above 18 years.I know it sounds brutal but kids and teens need to get punish otherwise they won't stop.

  • Cyberbullies should reserve capital punishment,life sentence is just too light

    Abetting people to commit suicide is just equally as worse as violently killing people.While of course there is a distinction line between verbal and physical abuse,but what does it matter ?? Bullies does intentionally conceptualize their action to harm innocent victims and they wanted their victim to die therefore they should be responsible for what they have done.Their spirit and intention is not little difference from murder. Death penalty for bullies would at least protect children from abuse and there will be an astounding reducing number incidents bullying in school.

  • Way Too Harsh.

    CYberbullying is not worth a life sentence. The term "cyberbully" is so vague, that if you say something remotely unpleasant, someone can say you're cyberbullying. As for people committing suicide over cyberbullying, first of all, the amount is extremely low if you look at how many people get "cyberbullied," I'm not 100% convinced it is entirely the "bully's" fault. Suicide is a conscious choice made by the ones who commits it, they were not forced. Unlike regular bullying, cyberbullying is easy to get away from. How do you get away from cyberbullying? Log off the site. Done.

  • Not at all

    It is absolutely ridiculous for cyberbullies to get even a year for their crimes against the victim. A little restitution, an apology and a limited ban from where the crimes were committed is enough. But really, I just don't get why people let themselves get bullied online. Back in the day when cyberbullies used to target me, I would bully them right back until they stopped. People really need to take control of their life and stand up to people, especially in such an easy situation as simply typing back a witty and condescending response. Once people start doing this, cyberbullying will be a thing of the past.

  • Punishment: Yes. Life Sentence: Certainly not.

    I agree that bullies and cyberbullies get far too little attention or punishment, but life sentence for cyberbullying? That's both harsh and ineffective. If a student is driven to the point of suicide, then of course the bully should be punished, but life sentence would do nothing to make him or her realize his or her mistakes. Instead of just locking them up, we should try to talk to the bullies to make them understand what they were doing.

  • Bullying per se is acceptable

    I agree that physical assault is unacceptable. Violence is violence and it should be punished. However, weakness should not be encourage either. Victimhood culture sucks. Killing yourself because of an "offensive" comments online? It's a clear sign of mental illness. If we do not want your civilization ruined, we must start discouraging weakness right now. Think about the people who went through wars, hunger and diseases (real ones) and still manged to get over it and live up to their dreams. If someone commits a suicide because of a mean tweet or something like that, they're free to go. We would be better of without such people.

  • If you get depressed over the result of a few buttons being pressed on a keyboard, then you are the real danger to yourself.

    There is absolutely so reason for a cyberbully to get a life sentence. If somebody contemplates suicide over some harsh words on a screen and doesn't have the common sense to walk away from the device, then they are a partner in this act, which some seem to call a "crime". The only victim in cyberbullying is the "Cyberbully" themselves. They get all the punishment because someone can't handle the fact that the internet isn't the heaven they imagined and they cry wolf when they find the slightest imperfection against them. There should be no sentence, but if there ever were to be one it should just be the parent asking them to stop messaging the person for they cannot handle the heat of the internet.

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