• DARE does lower drug use.

    DARE does lower drug use. The D.A.R.E. program is effective in combating drug use. The D.A.R.E. program primarily uses education to dissuade people, especially young people from using drugs. The D.A.R.E. program also helps foster a relationship between law enforcement officials and students in order to promote trust and respect between the two groups of society.

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  • No, DARE does not lower drug use.

    No, DARE programs do not reduce drug activity, because they are based on an assumption of all children in the programs being rational adults who can weigh risks and consequences, and who all come from equally privileged backgrounds. DARE provides no tools for students to deal with the concept of moderate drug and alcohol use, or to grasp the concept of consequences less severe than death.

  • Does The Opposite

    Studies have shown that the DARE program actually increases the risk of drug use among children, but locales continue to fund these programs due to fear of being politically ostracized. The DARE program may have seemed hopeful but as it turns out, if you educated young people about drugs they are more likely to want to try them. I think it is safe to call this program a failure and if we really want to do ourselves a favor, we will drop it.

  • Never worked for me

    I don't believe so as the numbers prove otherwise. I think it comes from the home as if mom and dad or a close family member uses drugs then the kid will be affected. I don't think DARE is a bad program but I don't feel it is all that effective when compared to other factors.

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