• Yes Darwinism is pushed in schools

    When Darwinism is pushed in schools without creationism also being pushed, kids have no viewpoints to counter Darwinism. This may cause them to become close-minded to religion and other possibilities that explain human existence. It doesn't make sense that this theory is still taught in schools as a law, given that it was a theory disproven many years ago... There are too many missing links in the theory...

  • No

    Please, don't let the irony of "there are too many missing links in the theory" to my left be lost on you. Moving on, no, it doesn't. Darwinism seeks the truth, its counterpart says its found it. Be very wary of a group that says that regarding any topic, Darwinism is flawed but by a wide margin the most plausible explanation we currently have.

  • NO

    The common theme that this falls under is Social Darwinism, something that was proven to be invalid a fairly long time ago. Darwinism only leads to that sort of thing if you have a bad understanding of it.

    Ebbs and flows in the natural world that decide which traits are the best to survive are not the same thing as human beings artificially picking and choosing traits.

  • Not If You Understand It

    Darwinism has nothing to do with race or prejudicial treatment. It is a scientific idea about how genetic traits build up or die out over time. It is about natural selection. Only people who misunderstand and pervert the ideas think it has anything to do with racism and bigotry. In fact the whole idea of race as a genetic category has been disproven by genetic scientists.

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