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  • He doesn't stand for moral values.

    If David Duke does stand for "Christian Family Values" then that means that "Christian Family Values" include being openly racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and sexist. I know that some Christians have claimed that these horrible beliefs were part of their value system. I find it confusing because If I were a Christian who worshiped what I believed to be a loving God, I would want my values to stand for love.

  • David Duke does not stand for "Christian family values.

    David Duke does not stand for Christian family values because Jesus Christ was not a racist. David Duke, in his capacity at the KKK, is a professional racist and bigot. True Christians are inclusive and tolerant. It is necessary for us all to finally end racism and accept everyone, no matter what color their skin is.

  • No, what passes for family values isn't that.

    David Duke and others of his ilk are not those who stand for Christian family values. They stand for intolerance and a fundmanetalism that is a misreading of the Christian scriptures and Jesus' intention. In fact, Jesus never stood for family values as we understand nuclear family but rather for inclusiveness and compassion.

  • Grand Master of Ku Klux Klan

    I do not believe David Duke stands for "Christian family values," although he may feel as though he does. I believe he supports ideas that most of Americans do not. He has unsuccessful ran for a plethora of positions in government, losing every time. This man may represent a small sliver of the population in this country, but he's far from the majority.

  • He is a racist.

    No, David Duke does not stand for Christian family values, because Duke is a supporter of the KKK, which is most assuredly anti-Christian and anti-family. The Bible is clear that Christ came for the Jew and then for the Greek. We are go tell all people about the love of God. That is not possible if we are busy discriminating on the basis of race.

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