• The Death Penalty does Work, Just needs Tweaking

    The Death Penalty is a method used to avenge those who have fallen within society from the killing of another individual. Or otherwise, a method used to show the consequences of ones action. The whole discussion about the Death Penalty is simple "Self Responsibility". The idea that it is the fault of the criminal for doing the crime, no one else; but him or herself.

    The Death Penalty has been said to be effective, with ideas of deterring crime and economically benefiting us. But many deny the benefits for not working currently, when in fact; it does. The issue is that when a criminal is sentenced the Death Penalty, they draw out numerous trials to "un-sentence" the Death Penalty. When in reality, the execution of the criminal should be directly after the sentence, not a long drawn out court session to change ones mind.

    And many researchers have proved this fact of working, with the less costs of having to hold numerous trials and deterring crime. Many state that if the criminal is killed instantly, it is said to at least prevent another murder from happening.

    The Death Penalty does work, the system just needs to be re tweaked!

  • The death penalty is not about using death as a deterrent for crime, but for eliminating the threat of such dangerous individuals from the community.

    In many situations (other) dangerous animals are euthanized when they have proved to be a risk to the public, the same reasoning is appropriate in death penalty cases. These cases are rare, but when an individual poses a continued threat to the safety and welfare of others the responsibility should not fall on the public to support this individual for the remainder of their lifespan. The most violent offenders are confined, in many cases isolated for 23 hours a day, in conditions that are often inhumane for long periods of time.
    The death penalty is the humane approach to cases in which the perpetrator is incapable of reintegration.

  • Justifiable? Yes. Effective in deterring crime? Not really. Then again, what is effective?

    It's hard to question the execution of very dangerous offenders, we want them removed from society and not be allowed out after 25 years for good behavior. While punishment is necessary, we know perfectly well it does not deter crime - murder and rape are illegal everywhere, but the rates vary drastically between countries, despite same laws. Crime is driven by the surrounding environment and people's attitudes, so the more we can improve those, the less crime there will be in the long run.

    Personally, I'd lean towards abolition, but in cases of extremely dangerous offenders that are a risk to the masses (I.E premeditated, mass murderers), they ought to rot in prison for life without parole, if not killed off

  • As a matter of fact

    Yes, those subject to the death penalty, in general, end up dead....

    But seriously, very little in life can cause more fear than the prospect of death. More so if you bring it on yourself. It is less to even not intimidating at all if you are martered, because, if you are a christian, you know that God will reward you in heaven! However, those who die by disobeying the law in such ways like murder can, and rightly should, be afraid of death.

  • A Necessary Evil

    A lot of liberals claim that the Death penalty is not needed because it is too harsh. Well, the thing is, if the government gave more leniency for crimes, then it would give people more incentive to commit a crime. Why should we abide by the rules if we won't get punished for it? The thing is, with the death penalty for extreme crimes like Rape or Murder, it scares people away from committing a crime. People will get scared and thus, they will not commit crimes.

  • It should not be abolish

    I don't think death penalty is inhuman since some criminals deserve it.Criminals such as serial rapist,murder,child rapist,serial killer,drug dealer and trafficker wouldn't learn anything from their mistake for just locking them in prison and they would come out and offend it again it would create more repeat offender which can be even more dangerous to whole society.So for the most brutal types they should be put on death,it would be a waste of money if we jailed them since it difficult to change their behavior.

  • We should have death penalty

    Death penalty may or may not deter crime ,but at least it eliminate the most dangerous types of criminal.I didn't say we should kill a whole bunch of criminal but serial rapist,child rapist,serial killer,murder,drug dealer and trafficker are just too dangerous to be left alive.Only lock them in prison ,would not stop them from commit crime.

  • No,why should we have it at all

    I mean all european countries abolished death penalty so the most severe punishment is about 24-30 imprisonment.Death penalty does not help to reduce crime,there is still high murder rate even we have death penalty.The truth fact is most of criminal they aren't afraid of death,so by giving death penalty would not make anything better.

  • No, it is too lenient

    The death penalty doesn't work. It is too lenient. Let's look at what happens. You get death penalty because you were convicted of 1st degree premeditated murder, usually the victim(s) suffers a horrific death. And what do the murderer gets? On death row for a LONG time. They get to be alive and live for 10+ years until their execution. Then they get a chosen last meals and finally an essentially painless death. Does that sound like a just punishment for their crimes? Not, to me.

  • I disagree with death penalty

    Statutory rape is not a capital crime and should never be either.However i agree that other crime such as murder,treason,drug cartels,aggravated child rape under age of 12,and mass murder are capital crime but still i disagree with death penalty.Maybe life sentence with hard labor should be applied for these crime.

  • Death penalty does not deter crime

    Although i agree with some state that rape of a child under 12 years old is very serious and it should be a capital crime with life sentence but i disagree with death penalty.Hardcore brutal violence people aren't afraid of death and by punish death does not stop them from commit crime.

  • Death penalty never work

    Death penalty in my opinion is very inhuman and ineffective.Unless the most serious crime like murder,rape,child aggravated rape,drug cartels,and treason the most serious punishment should life sentence be given but not death penalty.However life sentence for child rape should only apply for children under 12 years old not above that.

  • This is my reason.

    We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, such as LInFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. -The Founding Fathers People have the absolute right to live. This stupid minimum word thing is retarded. J

  • It should never have existed

    If the death penalty truly worked then there would be no more crime - everyone would be too scared of the punishment (that is why it was enforced). It was hoped that by people being aware that their actions could result in their death, that this therefore could mean they would not dare to commit crime. Considering crime is still occuring then evidently this idea does not work and the continued use of it is just a waste of human life.
    If someone has committed a crime that is so horrible then the best punishment would be a long life of suffering in a cell. A quick death is too easy for them.
    There is also the problem that there have been so many cases where the death penalty has been used and it has later been learnt that the person is innocent. WIth life imprisonment, if the discovery is made that they are innocent, they can simply be released.
    So the death penalty as a form of justice does not work because it does not provide justice.

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It definitely kills the person.