• Yes, it does.

    Debate.Org has its own link. We can even go there. We can sign up and make accounts, debate with others, post on the forums, make arguments in the opinion section. All these things corroborate the very existence of this website, you know? Furthermore, there is proof that Juggle bought this website. Just check out Juggle's website to see more evidence in an official manner!

    Posted by: GOP
  • Only as information

    Debate.Org is simply a manifestation of code interpreted by a computer and graphics card. The code would mean something completely different on another device. Information alone does not allow for existence. Debate.Org is untangible, you cannot reach out and touch it. All it truly is is a computer producing an image.

  • No it doesn't. -_-

    Of course not! What silly hubblebubble! Of course my mind is interpreting it as real and I've only been on it for three hours, but it's not real. It is a mystical ghost, a phantom illusion, nontangible, it is insignificant data on a hard black illuminated tablet. And only I, and perhaps maybe a couple other million that have visited the site can interpret it as real. Because we have stumbled across the joy internet surfing and found this miraculous input of opinion. COME ON! Of course it's real. You people get too damn deep sometimes.

  • Does the world exist?

    All that we know could just be in our imagination. The world as we know it might not even exist. Does a tree still exist when it's not being observed? If not, then does it even actually exist? What if you're the only person alive and you're in a dream. Your mind has surrounded you with people and a world and only death is a way of escaping the dream.
    Mind= blown
    At least mine is...

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Babeslayer says2013-07-24T13:55:10.670
You know, I'm not sure. I think the url at the top was a good sign, but I just don't know!