Does Debate.Org have demonstrably positive impact on the world?

Asked by: Pressfield
  • Debate.Org truly has a great impact to the world.

    Foremost, it has become one of the most effective avenues in making people be more critical. I think, because of this site, I have become more aware on my surroundings and I learn how to voice out my thoughts without being afraid on what other people will say because then I learn how to defend myself verbally. As it implied, this site has given and still giving its members an opportunity to change their lives for the better- to be a catalyst of change and agent of social transformation that will move the world.

  • I don't kNOw that's why I'm asking.

    I think it does have a positive impact on me to increase critical thinking because it's such a powerful platform (debate that is) and all the most important things are done through human social interactions.

    Have your rhetorical tools sharpened?
    Has this site given you direction in your life?

    I'm interested

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