Does have the highest number of ignorant/unintelligent users next to YouTube?

Asked by: davidc
  • Yes most definitely.

    Case in point,,,, this very question "Does Debate.Org have the highest number of ignorant/unintelligent users next to YouTube?". When comparing two sites one should use a comparative adjectival form, not a superlative form. (higher number not highest number). Beyond that there are many who use childish name calling and just totally non dialectic methods in their posts and arguments.

  • Yes indeed. Any doubt.

    Yes absolutely. There are many. I am not saying i am the most intellectual. But there are worst examples although.
    Well whatever but there are sensible regular member. They are very less but still are.
    But most of them are terrible at debates but they just blow crap in the forums and the places like this. Lol/

  • I wouldn't think so...

    Probably not, I mean of course there's going to be the occasional that just want to stir up trouble but the majority are people who are interested in other peoples opinions and want to learn more about the world. Also this site does help with home work ahaha but I certainly wouldn't think this site had the highest number per se.

  • No, there is plenty more fail on the web

    When I first came here I was actually shocked and surprised that there were several good debates with well thought-out arguments. Sure there is some crap, but hey, it's the internet, right? If you want to see a real sludge pile of dying brain cells, go to http://answers.Yahoo.Com/ and check out the Politics or the Religion & Spirituality sections.

  • Debate.Org largely attracts intelligent and open minded members to its online community

    This site seems to attract largely competent and politically active users, and to put these users in the same category of "general" YouTube users is borderline slander. Since I joined this site, my eyes have been opened to dozens of ideologies, philosophies and I have realized that often in politics, ethics and in life that there is no "black and white" correct answer to many problems. While there are exceptions to this rule, such as trolls and plain idiots, they usually do not make a lasting impact on this site, and there presence is often ignored, or their arguments are promptly refuted.
    If the active community of this site were to take an IQ test or a political/social awareness test, it would probably score several standard deviations above the general population's average on both tests, and the "higher-level" thinking that goes on in some debates and forum posts promptly refutes the argument that debate.Org has the highest number of unintelligent/ignorant users next to YouTube.

  • Of course it doesnt

    DDO certainly does NOT have the highest number of ignorant boobs next to youtube.... DDO EXCEEDS youtube in the number of ignorant boobs, therefore it is false to assume that DDO is below youtube in number of idiots overall....

    On the other hand, Createdebate clearly has more idiots then either DDO or Youtube, so theres that....

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YYW says2013-06-24T23:51:26.340
What nonsense.
Ragnar_Rahl says2013-06-25T02:21:31.150
Debate.Org doesn't have that big a population. Highest number of ignorant or unintelligent users? Probably google, then facebook. Why? Because highest number of users.
JustCheNo says2013-06-25T02:38:48.523
Substitute the word "liberal" for "ignorant or unintelligent". They're interchangeable.
AlbinoBunny says2013-06-25T03:38:59.497
Percentage would be a better measure.